Poetry Archive :: Transformation


This is a customer announcement: the ‘rhyming poetry’ phase on Internet of Words has now come to an end: for the foreseeable future this website will be dealing with more aesthetic poetic forms. Thank you.



Make me something more:
Not pale version of her,
Life held before.
Instead, allow moments
Chance to erase;
Complete, differing start.

Create vision fresh:
Vital reinvention,
Born though feeling.
Form new relationship,
Strong foundations;
Brilliant structures.

Once established, give
Nurture plus compassion:
Care so worthwhile.
Us, indestructible;
Future-proofed love,
Embracing present.

These aspirations
Defining precious whole,
Building future.
Destination fixing
Current aspects;
Our explanation.

Together, beating
Pulses synchronising;
This body, whole.
Emotions come to rest,
Passion, transcending.

Poetry Archive :: Revelation

The process of growth and self-improvement continues apace. Each week is different: whether it be interaction with others, or deeper understandings of self. This week, I’ve used balance as a means not only of focus but enlightenment. Other people have made me consider how I deal with my own issues. Mostly, it has been a series of revelations.

It is odd how sometimes what I write about at the start of a week gains a new significance by the end.


Instant of feeling,
Light perceived: revelation
Brings understanding.

Mind shifts, expansion;
Gradual comprehension,

What could be achieved,
Later consideration:
Options are endless.

Only restriction
Initial consternation:
Am I capable?

Don’t worry, ‘what if’
Needs application: wait, whilst
Instincts spark, respond.

Emotional Breakdown

An opportunity has arisen to pitch my novel to a publisher.

Fortunately for me, I don’t need to be completely finished with editing. What’s required thus far is a really strong first quarter, which is easily done. However, there’s now the real need to be ready to go with what is considered as a ‘decent’ manuscript and so, this weekend, I’ll not be playing any video games or allowing stuff other than pre-planned family stuff as distraction. Starting from my last point where editing felt solid, it is time to button down the details over half-term, in quiet periods where I won’t be having to worry about acting as a taxi service.

This thing has to be ready and solid as soon as possible.


I have become a self-professed expert at allowing this manuscript to be superseded by everything and anything in the last two months. In fairness, health and circumstances have been against me on several occasions, but now there really are no excuses. If there’s the chance of being read by a proper, grown-up editor, then it is time to stop mucking about and get serious.

Therefore, the next time we speak about MMXCI therefore, it will be to update my WiP site on the personal blog with the line ‘first draft and edit complete, with alpha readers.’

Something Changed

It might not look that way, but this week is the best things have been for quite some time.

The catch-up game today isn’t because there wasn’t anything to write about, or that I’ve run out of content: the truth is quite the opposite. A surfeit of organisation and planning collided with unavoidable real-life requirements, pushing me out of ability to sit by the keyboard long enough to get everything written down. This morning, blissfully, there’s a whole two hours of what might normally have been considered as ‘me’ time but isn’t necessary. Exercise has provided the relaxation plus a weekend is coming up of being outside and enjoying the Bank Holiday.

The back end stuff’s already looking more than satisfactorily covered.


As we come close to the halfway point in the year, there is a realisation that these foundations are a lot stronger than at first supposed. Committing to a daily routine and weekly scheduling was not as difficult as imagined, and it is already providing a legacy that will allow a whole month off in August without a worry that content will have to stop. If this work-rate continues, I’ll just keep getting stronger. It is the literary equivalent of weight training, and maintains a mental flexibility that’s becoming as important as physical attainment.

Some days, therefore, it is just about the words on the screen. This week however, is very much planning how those words appear going forward, and what subjects are entailed.

Ambient Noise :: Static

Between notes, switching channels
Noise, stands still.
Call ends, message sends
Static borne, dies.
Pushed into pockets
Slipped behind sofas;
Ends of conversations, begin silence.
Lost in transmission
Translated by robots.
Spaces between, unseen.

No-one hears, too much talking
Care, absent.
Trolls lurk in websites
Wish them, away.
Mute noise then move on
Curate out the wrong;
Begin friendships, end this digital live.
Remember outside
Forgotten by humans.
Vast spaces, inviting.


Poetry Archive :: Exhale

Rhyming is becoming a bit of a millstone, and there’s a sense that my next bunch of micropoetry might ignore it all together. For now, of the two things written last week, this is the one I’m far more satisfied with.

This is the better descriptive work, and come closest to what I wanted to achieve.


With each outward breath,
Exhale these sins: shortcomings
Removed, exorcised.

Allow stresses space
Leeching through skin: emerging
Stronger consciousness.

Let go of each doubt,
Weight shed, body lightening
Breathing, in and back.

Finally, relaxed
Truths will reveal: within you
Strength, courage exists.

Calm mantra creates
Coercive mind: empowered,
All is possible.

Poetry Archive :: Inhale

Always start with the inward breath…

In a week where it was almost impossible to meditate, I tried. Amazingly, the level of success was good. Things got done, there was less stress, considering my body was (for several days) rejecting the food it was provided with some speed. However, come the weekend and everything is finally working out.

Sometimes, you have to ignore the chaff and just focus on the seeds.


With inward breath:
new drill begins.
Focus your brain,
release those sins.

A moment’s calm
in hectic day.
Expand belief,
anxiousness slayed.

Inhale allows
consciousness space.
Reducing fear
and heart-rate’s haste.

Now, look within,
Shortcomings marked,
not amplified.

To meditate
takes time, practice:
So much around
will deflect this.

distractions, then
Direct each thought,
start once again.

True clarity
appears by chance:
Brief moments grasped
training advanced.

When mind wanders
invite it back;
Find peace with self,
ignore what’s lacked.

Don’t hate yourself
Find love inside,
Halt stress and guilt
No need to hide.

To meditate,
a lifetime’s goal:
Your end result,
Awareness, whole.