12 Spots to Moan

For many years, I’ve played around with ‘adult’ fiction in several forms. The Bond fanfic, for instance, exists in a world where Bond doesn’t just kiss the girls before the camera cuts away. I like the idea that if you are a grown up, there’s not a problem presenting mature themes and serious situations when it comes to the business of love and relationships. Therefore this series has been something I have fiddled and pottered with for the best part of a year. Finally, there’s more than just one story on the go. As a result, I can now present the full working list of titles for this selection, with teasers on what is to come.

The Working List

Fertility, Right : A divorced woman takes a much needed Italian holiday, and rediscovers herself in the process…

The Love Seat : Old friends become lovers, with the help of a very special piece of furniture.

Black Beauty : Eastbury WI’s most prolific cook has a very unique way of growing her own vegetables…

Intersection : In the future, everything can be altered for a price. How far would you go to experience pleasure?

Virtually Minded : Online relationships can be tricky, especially if your algorithms are out of synch.

The Changeling : Once upon a time, there was a woman who fell in love with another woman…

Don’t Stop : How many times is too many times, exactly?

Soothing : An unhappy man makes a bargain with the Warlock at Number 72.

Broken Promise : The destruction of a family heirloom starts a chain of remarkable events.

Last Ride Home : The Milk Shuttle’s the place to remember life before the Planet went to hell…

You, Me and Them : Loving the Internet, one Meme at a time.

I am the End : As one relationship dies, another rises from the ashes.

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