Month: July 2017

Mulder and Scully

The year is 1995. My boyfriend (now husband) and I are living together, and decide to go to the USA for a holiday, to stay with people I’d met via the Internet. The early days of Usenet are an incredibly significant part of my life, that I really don’t like […]

Change :: Micropoetry & Haiku

Last week, I used one subject to act as the basis for both my scheduled morning and evening poetry Tweets on the Internet of Words account. The exercise worked pretty well, all told, and as a result I’ll be doing the same thing for next week’s sequences (subject matter to […]

Book of the Month :: The Key to Dreams

As promised, here’s the first short story based on our Book of the Month content. I look forward to heading your responses in the comments. The Key to Dreams I came here because there is nothing left to lose. The callow, willow-thin doctor was very clear: your cancer’s inoperable, I’d […]

Life on Planet Groove

This week, I have finally been granted the free space and time to do more here than just repost poetry. In part that’s a lot to do with being able to organize myself to a reasonable standard, but it is more about how I’m adjusting to a life where games […]

August’s Book of the Month

August’s featured text is ‘Consider Her Ways and Others’ by John Wyndham. You can buy it here. Each month, the Internet of Words presents a selection of content: fiction, essays, poetry and non-fiction, inspired and directly influenced by our Book of the Month. To learn more about what you can […]

GSME #19 :: Ready to Go

I am finally preparing myself for the inevitable: producing a Tweet for the sole purpose of promoting. I’ve been doing some research and it is going to need not simply a straight verbatim reproduction of hashtags and the right combination of words. In fact, to get this message to not […]

Forget You

This is not the post I intended to write, but is probably the one that ought to be written. I have a terrible memory: I make no bones about this, and it has always been this way. When bad stuff happens my brain, almost as a defence mechanism, shuts down. […]