Month: August 2017

Go Home! :: Haiku and Micropoetry

I’ve come to an important conclusion after last week’s poetry: I’m not producing content¬† ‘live’ any more.¬†Once upon a time it would be possible, but now I think there’s more merit to editing beforehand. I suppose this is a logical progression in writing skill, that desire to manufacture a better […]

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Hyperbole is a wonderful word. It sounds like a leisure destination but in reality is the ultimate in overstatement. It gets thrown around a lot of late too, because people have become far more theatrical and expressive in both praise and condemnation. I read a testimonial yesterday which described a […]

Still Alive

My mini break seems a lifetime away, it must be said, after the last week, but I am now almost in a position to feel organised again. As a result, here’s the changed layout to the Website week as a result of the leaves on my Gym walk already beginning […]

GSME #21 :: Secret

Today’s story is about how a portion of the Internet really is a secret society, run by a select few individuals who know the rules for success. If you choose to enter their world, you might become ‘rich’ beyond your wildest dreams. The problem is, that success grants no guarantee […]

Unknown Song

I’m here today in an attempt to sell myself. Normally, this does not end well, because as a typical Brit the process of self promotion is often difficult and fraught with doubt. One of my best friends (who is an American) does her very best to try instil within me […]

Back in the Saddle

I’ve been back from Holiday for a few days, but I’m yet to get myself back to full capacity, and thought you guys deserved an update on what you can expect as we return to ‘normal’ working. There’s now two loads of Haiku/Micropoetry due to be brought over and published […]

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark :: Haiku and Micropoetry

Here’s the second of two outstanding sets of poems from Twitter that I’ve missed during the holiday period. We’ll be back to full commentary and regular scheduled posting starting on Monday. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark :: Haiku Edition Fledgling, brave new world: Science as everyone’s future, But can […]