Month: November 2017

The Last Time

There is no easy way to do this, I realise, so it is just going to happen. Once upon a time I’d pick a WordPress theme on how it looked. However, now I realise there’s a lot of functionality required that a) I don’t have the time to mess with […]

Time to Change

December marks six months since my Patreon began. Since then I’ve learnt a great deal about not only myself, but what I’d like to do with this project (and the online space) going forward. Therefore, starting next week, a lot of stuff is going to change. I want permanent archives […]

Thanksgiving Poetry

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the interest this poem generated when it was initially published. I’m also wanting more and more to experiment and push with Twitter’s increased character limit. I’ll be taking a week off the poetry next week as a result to try and come up with some […]

Which Way?

The purpose of taking November off from ‘organised’ work was twofold, as those of you paying attention will know. Firstly it was to get NanoWriMo not just to 50k words but beyond (which is what has happened, more on which will be retro posted in the next 24 hours.) Secondly, […]

NaNoWriMo :: 50 K DUN

Except… I’m not finished, not even close. I’ve provisioned two days next week to knock the last 20k or so off in a couple of sittings. I’ll make sure I commit to the Revision Camp that happens early next year. I just want to write more fiction now, not less. […]

NaNoWriMo :: Day 20

This post has taken a week to make it to this space: not because there’s been an issue with keeping to my plan (see the post coming up next) but simply because, yet again, time at the time wasn’t available. This was one of the reasons why NaNo’s failed for […]

If Leaving Me is Easy

Yesterday, instead of writing (as I’m spending a whole month on NaNo) I had a day of making. This years personal Xmas gift from me will be a poem. A lucky few will also get a hand finished photo frame 👍 — 🌊 Sarah, Writing ALL THE THINGS for […]