Election Day Micropoetry

Election Day

In the second of my poetry ‘sets’ looking at notable days in November’s calendar, I picked a day that as a follower of American politics has become synonymous with change. This year is not nearly as traumatic as the one that preceded it and allows a measure of considered reflection on how many of us have become complacent towards the concept of democracy.

I’m quite pleased with sections of this work, though on considered reflection there’d be some revisions. However, we’ll present it to you now as is regardless.

Election Day

It used to be
A constant source

Not any more
Out the door
You and me

A time to change,
Think, rearrange
The things we see.

It matters not
What we’ve got;
In the end
Help your friends.

Each vote will count
The right amount,
They keep us free.

To not take part
Breaks my heart:
Do your bit
Promote it.

Remember who
Allowed you to
Be free, and strong
Where we belong.

They gave their lives
We survive:
Two World Wars,
So much more.

So when that cross
Goes in the box
You’re in the booth
And know the truth

A vote should mean
Single theme:
Make it real
Truth reveal.