It might be Sunday, but that’s traditionally been my most productive time of the week in previous months, and today will be no different. Once I’ve done my Gym visit shortly there’s going to be a ton of online stuff appearing, to give you good people an idea of what to expect in the months going forward.


Needless to say, when I see you again tomorrow, it won’t just be a New Year. It is the next step forward in a journey that is altering both body and mind on a daily basis. Without putting to much babbly bullshit into this, I’m already looking forward to what’s on the schedule. If I wasn’t, we wouldn’t be doing it to begin with. Last year a lot of what happened wasn’t enjoyable personally, and that showed in the quality of output. The stuff I loved doing had far more enthusiasm and depth, and this is the direction we’ll be taking moving forward.

Let’s get ready to rumble, shall we?

Look Up

The dust is now settling on Christmas, and I’m already thinking about what happens in 2018. If you’re reading this via the Internet of Words Twitter feed, there won’t be any poetry this week, but the personal success of the short story telling is now giving considerable pause for thought on what happens next, and how I move forward with words.


I’ve got some ideas for the New Year, but as yet nothing is set in stone. One thing is certain, there’s going to be a new means by which I flex my creative muscles, which will involve writing, but is not the focus. For that, keep an eye on the IoW Instagram feed, because that will be enlightening, if nothing else. The rest of it needs a clear day and some notes, which is scheduled for tomorrow after the Gym. Then, it will be time to open that new Planner.

The first plan of attack is to return to writing a daily post. What that involves and how that is presented are more pressing issues however, and so tomorrow it is high time the website got properly organised and the things I want are front and centre.

Time, I think, for a bit of a post-Christmas clear-out.

Micropoetry: Mother and Child

I’ll freely admit I’m gaining a great deal of satisfaction from these seasonal poems, especially as they’re not what many would consider traditional subject matters.

Homelessness is a big deal on our streets: poverty should not be an issue in the 21st Century and yet it continues to be so. With 65,000 families homeless for Christmas, you could consider giving a donation to an organisation such as Shelter over the festive period.

Here’s my reminder that just because you can’t see a problem does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

They lie together, bodies tethered,
Homeless, lifeless, a problem ignored:
Mother and child adrift in the nether
Invisible space defined by cardboard.

In city’s clamour, adrift and grey
This second existence, not a life:
The helpless hidden in countless archways,
Displaced existence from anger and strife.

Too often overlooked is their plight
Lost in statistics and ignorance;
Responsibility can make this right,
Opportunity, be the difference.

The time of year when we have it all
Excess a theme repeated ‘til full:
To take a moment, make donation small
Allow an escape from poverty’s pull.

First mother and child were homeless too,
Birth and rest at a stranger’s behest:
Remember one day that this could be you
So help fellow humans feel truly blessed.

Too Much

There are moments in your life where sorry is not the response you want.

For a lot of people, Patreon’s about face will be a relief. However, for me I now realise that this turn of events was exactly the kick up the arse I needed to do stuff better for myself. There will be those indivduals who’ll suggest caution and that I should keep running the site, but I’ve lost patrons for whom this change will alter nothing. They won’t come back. There has been a significant and in many cases irreparable  breakdown of trust, and as has been pointed out in various quarters until this ‘apology’ is common knowledge, and the situation around this whole shit storm is clear…? Nothing has changed.

In this particular situation, sticking to principle has served me well. I will continue to fund those people on Patreon who I can, but the reality is that I am better off without the service, based on the people I’ve spoken to who have been my backbone of support thus far. After that, I’ve got some really good ideas for 2018 going forward, that would not have emerged had I not been forced to consider the future by the last week’s turn of events.

I’ll take the mass of notes I’ve made on New Things to Do and start discussing the possibilities next week. I’m really excited by what I’ve come up with.

Sometimes, you need to look at things differently to make progress.

Change Me

Having made the decision yesterday to call time on Patreon, I am left with an inevitable void. The first plan of action is to make sure that this site remains regularly up-kept, which was a problem back when I’d be chasing myself for content. Today therefore we’ll fill those gaps from last week (which serve to indicate how everything slowly went south) before spending this week weeding out all the good features I played with and the other gubbins that can be thrown away. I’m no longer afraid of admitting I screwed ideas up. You have to try lots of stuff to find out what works and doesn’t, after all.


What has been a resounding success is the Twitter Poetry: I’m particularly proud of the Daily Haiku, which when married with GIF imagery becomes a brilliant way of entertaining. Therefore, that will stay (and I’ll make them all into a Moment on Twitter at the end of December) and will become a bi-monthly affair. I also really enjoy doing the graphics for all these little interludes, so there’ll be more of that too, on reflection. The plan in 2018 will be to extend them to Instagram, add more self-generated art to the process, and make these a true extension of my personality.


After that, the short stories have been unexpectedly popular and this is definitely something I could do, having serialised Fanfic here. There was an abortive attempt to do the same with my own fiction but the problem was not having a finished product from which to work with. Therefore, once the current novel’s complete, I’ll start work on re-imagining an existing work for serialisation. There is also a plan to start producing some fiction inspired by my favourite computer game. You’ll want to watch this space for more details.

WiP Day

I am cautiously optimistic that once I streamline this site, things will get a lot simpler to both post and archive. There’s enough content to keep everything ticking over nicely, and still allow me a life in between. All in all, I’d say things are looking up.


[A copy of this blog post will be copied to my Patreon account as soon as it is posted here.]

I’ve watched the events of the last four days play out on the Internet first with a sense of idle curiosity, and then with increasing anger. For those of you who don’t live online as I do, Patreon announced midweek (and you will now have details) a change to their charging structure. This at first seemed ill-advised, until details surfaced from a financial statement published earlier in the year that the company was less than enamoured with the number of ‘low dollar’ users it was attracting. This Twitter post sums up what then happened pretty accurately:

I think I finally disconnected over the scheduled blog post mistake, for reasons that should not be a surprise to any of my regular readers. I find myself unable in good conscience to continue using a service that feels this way about its user base, spent an entire weekend saying absolutely nothing and is very unlikely to go back on the decisions made. Even if they do, I feel the damage is done for me. If you think that some creators are somehow more important than others because they make more money, that’s unlikely to change, however much noise they make.

I said to myself that I’d wait to see this morning what Patreon’s next move would be, but in the last 24 hours three of my most vocal and enthusiastic supporters have all messaged me privately asking if there are alternatives to using the platform, and the die is cast. I will be cancelling my Patreon on December 22nd. This gives me a chance to let everybody know what’s happening, get physical Christmas gifts to those people who have provided an address, and send off the seasonal Haiku I promised as my December rewards. After that, I’m done.


To say I’m gutted is an understatement, but I’m also enough of a realist to grasp that this can be an opportunity in disguise. A number of people have already offered to fund me, a couple already have, and to make sure there is some kind of transitional arrangement between the end of Patreon and the New Year, there are now buttons up on my blog that link firstly to my Paypal page and then to Ko-fi. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but I won’t turn down a cup, especially as I’m about to consciously cut ties with a company I feel does not care about what I am or what has been achieved.

I’ve not done enough things in my life on principle. Making the break now really matters, because it will give me time to organise myself better, allow an opportunity to finish the writing projects I have in my own time, yet sustain a decent and consistent form of output here. I intend to make the most of the time I’ll have between Christmas and New Year to overhaul everything site-wise (as was the plan anyway) and come back with new ideas and approaches in 2018. For now, as would be the case with anything else currently, I’d like to cut the toxic influence I feel Patreon has become out of my life.

If you want to move forward with me, here is the place to bookmark for future use.


Micropoetry :: All is Calm

This week’s poetry marks the start of a concerted effort to archive on a Friday, in future in the morning after the last part of the pieces are published. Once we get to January there will also be the occasional foray into haiku here, but it is increasingly likely they will be paired with visual imagery on other platforms, because… well, little poems are easier to make. These guys take more time, and therefore seem to deserve a more permanent archive.

This is the first of four week’s worth of very personal seasonal asides, on subjects that are close to my heart. I find the Season quite difficult as it undoubtedly involves large gatherings of people, many I won’t know. That anxiety, when it manifests, needs to be channelled somewhere and in this poem I explain how that works for me.

All is Calm


A space is found
Away from noise:
I’ve gone to ground
Chance to enjoy,

Brief moment’s peace
From Christmas Day;
Tension release
Feelings away.

When all is calm
Inside my head,
Soul safe from harm
Release of dread:

There’s nothing here
I cannot do;
My path is clear
To journey through.

That vital need
Remaining bright;
A growing seed
In darkest night.

The means by which
To remain sane,
Persistent itch:
Ideas remain.

Mind on the shelf
From tyranny;
Abandoned self
Can now be free.

And at the end
Of perfect day,
These thoughts I send
To light the way.

I sit alone
And am at one:
In my own home
Relax, begun.

When all is calm
Inside my soul,
I’m safe from harm
Finally whole.