Poetry Archive :: Resolved

The first of 52 Haiku sequences for 2018 begins with the classic dilemma at this time of year: what can I do to make my life better? I’ve never been a great fan of Resolutions, and most of my effort in self-improvement was started well before January 1st. However, this social construct does have merits.

It is easy to forget that what matters more at this time of year is not feeling as if you’re doing something, but that progress is helpful. That means sometimes not listening to what others think matters, but instead focussing on yourself.

[A number of these Haiku have been edited since first posting.]


This is the moment,
Resolve to make these changes;
Your new future, now.

Except, take a breath
Consider: how to evolve
Is this path correct?

Don’t dispose of good
Others don’t like: focus on
True desires within.

Be fair to yourself,
Understand within: soul’s needs
Nurture sense of worth.

The future is yours,
Dictate terms: become better
Existence, resolved.

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