This image was chosen for this week’s haiku because of the subversive ‘FUCK’ hidden next to the headphone: my staid, often boring art programme has a bit of naughtiness hidden inside, and I like it.

There doesn’t need to be a month that defines what we are for the next year. You can change shit whenever you want… really, it doesn’t matter. That’s the point to living your best life: if it’s broken, fix and move on. If you can’t fix it alone, ask someone for help.

You might yet be surprised at what it is possible to achieve.


Placed to observe; take
moment: consideration,
directions… diverge.

Road’s various paths
no longer metaphor: seek
guidance, wiser path.

Renewal, focus
quiet reflection: agitates
acceptable norms.

Bullet point planning,
objectives marked: nothing left
except strong first step.

resolution: remember
reasoning, relived.

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