Blogging 4 Noobs

Blogging for Noobs

I was asked, a while back by a friend, if I’d be interested in writing a ‘starter’ guide to how to Blog effectively. The problem is, of course, when you’re doing just that on a daily basis, finding time to complete any Guide can be a quite difficult ask. However, with this page now live, I’ve made a commitment to complete the Journey I’ve started. Hopefully, this will eventually run as a complete accompaniment to how I work and what I do as a writer to try and create compelling content.

Introduction to Blogging

Picking the right name for your Blog

What to write, and 10 Things to consider when you do

Being your own Editor, and learning how to write better

Why organisation matters more than you realise

Presentation, simplicity, and making your work look good

Making the commitment to writing long term, and sticking with it

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