Poetry Archive :: Sacred

I would love to write a comic. If any artist out there needs someone to provide words, or would be prepared to illustrate my stuff? I'd so collaborate. For now, I have to dream my futures. Sacred One moment, offered earnestly, unannounced transforms entire existence with a smile. This picture, napkin drawn, instant facsimile of … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Sacred

Sleigh Ride

It's mid November, and although it might be a wee bit early to shove up the decorations, we can start the process of planning for next month. Americans are about to do that Thanksgiving thing shortly, but let's be honest, a day is not enough. I have loads of people to thank in 2018, far more … Continue reading Sleigh Ride

Sliding Doors

Life on most days is the process of getting from Point A to Point B with the least loss to integrity or quality. In the moments when that becomes a problem, there's now Social media to record all the lurid highlights. Blogging has become a lost art: most people are only interested if the process … Continue reading Sliding Doors

Poetry Archive :: Driven

I like this, for lots of reasons. A fraction of my work suffers from the inevitable stresses and strains forced on me due to daily production, but this piece was born pretty much fully formed. It has inevitably been influenced by SciFi Brain which is prevalent in my direction and actions (thanks to NaNoWriMo) but is, … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Driven

Poetry Archive :: Scared

Sorry it's late. I have a lot on. Scared Running late, phone conversations under-cooked chicken, evenings alone psychological horror stories; my hair straighteners are still switched on. Locking myself out of our house, again forgetting which tablets were taken with lunch; a constant ache I am not enough, inability to keep up with their games. … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Scared

The Final Countdown

I've submitted my selection for the National Poetry Competition. Of course, there had to be a mistake: https://twitter.com/InternetofWords/status/1056999934849880064 This, unfortunately, is a consequence of my ASD brain, plus a last minute word change that was missed via spell checker. This stuff happens all the time, and would undoubtedly not hamstring me if the rest of … Continue reading The Final Countdown

Poetry Archive :: The First Time

Couple of edits in this from the live version. BRB, editing 30 Haiku for Thursday. The First Time Together, begin mindfulness; look within self your answers lie, quiet. Acceptance, unique truth there to find: presenting mental progression. Knowing shortcomings plan accordingly; cover failings, redefine. True intimacy grows organically, sprouting fertile, grasping vines. Make fresh beginning … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: The First Time