Poetry Archive :: Rebel

I'm quite pleased with this, on two levels: it starts as non-rhyme and then has it's own moment of rebellion. I *think* this is tribachal verse (if I've understood the metrical feet thing, if I've not some explanation would be fabulous) but even if I have failed to grasp the concept, three syllables a line … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Rebel

A Night at the Ritz

EX/WHI won't be with you today: not because it's not written, but there's a bit of a conflict of interest going on. Right now I'm mired in an important re-edit of a novel being sent off for a significant prize next month. Last year, there simply wasn't the confidence I could fulfil the criteria. That's … Continue reading A Night at the Ritz

The Test

This year is important for me, not just for getting work out into the world. It is high time an attempt was made to expand the remit beyond words, beginning to explain more about myself. I'm not just a writer, after all, but an advocate for better mental health awareness. I enjoy playing computer games, … Continue reading The Test

Get Up, Stand Up

https://twitter.com/InternetofWords/status/1084761483093905408 This was unexpected. Whilst I sit and wait for the ever-increasing pile of rejections to return to my desk, I'll have something genuinely unique and special to look forward to. This Saturday, I'm gonna drag my best mate to Covent Garden in order to scope out the venue (which I think I may have … Continue reading Get Up, Stand Up

Poetry Archive :: Redefinition

This image was chosen for this week's haiku because of the subversive 'FUCK' hidden next to the headphone: my staid, often boring art programme has a bit of naughtiness hidden inside, and I like it. There doesn't need to be a month that defines what we are for the next year. You can change shit … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Redefinition

Poetry Archive :: Released

I find syllable counts a struggle. Numbers have never been easy, for as long as can be remembered: there are undoubtedly haiku archived that don't hit the required 5/7/5 syllables they should. This year there's gonna be a run through and freshen up of most Website content, including a long, hard look at more rigid … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Released

Poetry Archive :: Revolution

RESOLUTION: Learn more about the history of Haiku. Maybe buy some books about it and do some reading. Generally, find ways and means by which this form can not be simply refined, but redefined. Maybe do it in another language. Learn from other writers. EXPAND MY HORIZONS. This is a decent five-some to start my … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Revolution