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Blogging For Noobs :: Architecture and Morality

Once upon a time, I wrote something about someone in the white heat of extreme anger. This particular person had done something to me which, on reflection, I probably deserved. I’d been neither kind or understanding to them, and in fact I’d taken the piss out of not only how […]

Blogging For Noobs :: Find Time

This post was due some time ago, and the irony that Part 4 of the 10 Stage Guide to Blogging is all about scheduling is not lost on me. You see, there are times in your life when things inevitably go wrong, and even the best organised of us fall […]

Blogging For Noobs :: Look Up

Part Three of our Ten Point Blogging Guide deals with presentation, and the fact that it matters just as much about HOW you offer readers content as the words themselves. You would think by now that people grasp how important it is for your webpage to be legible, especially when […]

Blogging For Noobs :: Think

This week, we talk about planning ahead and why that makes a huge difference in your early life as a Blogger…

Blogging for Noobs :: I Love You

Writing is about passion. Here’s how to make yours shine through on a Blog…

Blogging For Noobs :: The Masterplan

The Blogging assistance continues with the launch of our 10 Week Guide to how to write werds gud…

Blogging for Noobs :: Say My Name

This week’s Guide covers Domains, registration and whether any of that is even worthwhile this early in the equation…