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Write Off :: The Day before You Came

Occasionally, you come across something that you don’t remember writing. That is the case with this week’s piece, sitting in a folder that had a bunch of house correspondence in it. It was produced for a writing challenge on Livejournal, and if the save date on the file is correct, produced […]

Write Off :: Don’t Get Fooled Again

I promised before I went away on holiday I’d be dragging up some of my old work from numerous backups, and today we stand with the smell of 2004 in our nostrils. In fact, the piece I’m going to post after this (and you’ll see why I’m not tagging it […]

Write Off :: Negotiations and Love Songs

Title: Negotiations and Love Songs Author: AlternativeChat Fandom: CSI: Miami. Season One, after ‘Tinder Box’ but most definitely before before ‘Freaks and Tweaks’. A couple of spoilers from Season Two (mostly regarding Speed’s past) but apart from that, pretty S1-specific. It’s Ensemble time! Rating: R Feedback: Oh, yes please. Archives: […]

DEFAULT :: Part Sixty-Two

And in the end, as expected, a new 007 takes the reins.

DEFAULT :: Part Sixty-One

The last word is his; undoubted ego, suitably assuaged.

DEFAULT :: Part Sixty

An issue remains before 004 takes her next step…

DEFAULT :: Part Fifty-Nine

Ronni’s future in the 00 Section is finally decided…