Look Up

We're behind, which for those of you on Social media will be no surprise. My second computer, pretty much essential for remote work and gaming, has become nothing more than an expensive paperweight. It has forced a fairly significant rethink not only of working space but of the next few weeks, and it is with … Continue reading Look Up

Oops I did It Again

Remember when I said everything was ready for NaNoWriMo tomorrow? Well, it really was for weeks and weeks and then suddenly BOOM out of left field came a moment of pure random. https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/1057234458477318144 Previously, there was a poll: https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/1056982865064407040 ...and then there was some shonky organisation yesterday. https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/1057217762307792896 https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/1057210660147335169 Well, it's now all up there … Continue reading Oops I did It Again

In Pursuit of Happiness

Yup, it's that time again. November is (checks calendar) NEXT WEEK and so, we need a graphic for the upcoming 'write a novel in a month' journey and some definitive idea of what the fuck is going on. Fortunately, both of these things are well in hand. If you don't know what NaNoWriMo is, here's … Continue reading In Pursuit of Happiness


Sometimes it is hard to accept that occasionally, progress needs to be sacrificed in order to allow growth. Having begin to grow fruit this year in our garden, that notion is very much being learnt as plants rot in the ground that's either been far too dry or now excessively wet. The strong and healthy … Continue reading Goodbye

Poetry Archive :: Grace

The haiku, on the other hand, goes from strength to strength. It's the fact there's structure that makes this much easier to write. My ASD brain thrives within structure. I gotta fix that and see if there is the means to allow chaos to thrive more... Grace Calm, unruffled shift compose yourself: commencing graceful attitude. … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Grace

Blue Sky Thinking :: Doubt

[INT; Alt's Brain. Things have definitely improved since our last visit. Papers have been filed, cabinets are slowly being refilled. The skeleton staff of GUILT and REMORSE are beginning to make some inroads, revealing lavender walls and a dark blue carpet. GOOD and EVIL have their own separate desks, on which are piled roughly even stacks of … Continue reading Blue Sky Thinking :: Doubt

Poetry Archive :: Mellow

Writing haiku has never really presented a problem, but this restart will give an opportunity to try and be a bit more creative with my imagery. Life, after all, should always be about improvement... Mellow Exhale, entwining bramble’s thorn: protection sharp relief, juice running. Seeds burst, explosion air filled arousal; inhale winter’s cool foreplay. Stretching … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Mellow