Poetry Archive :: Welcome Home

This got more positive feedback than anything I've written for many months. I'll take that. Welcome Home Surround, cotton love, laundered: acquiescence wrapped, duvet forgives all. Battered book, dog-eared; other world awaits: outside, rain’s gently falling. Created comfort, evolving creature: warping plot threads around soul. Warmth, reassurance imagined safety: bolsters progression, pleasure. Welcome home, reader … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Welcome Home

Poetry Archive :: Exit Strategy

https://twitter.com/InternetofWords/status/1096360387312799745 Exit Strategy White-boarded brainstorm, arrogance deformed: exit compromised foolishness; applied. Planning strategy, joint complicity: cast means of escape; arrogance relates. Belongings crated, business updated: close door as you leave, consequence conceived. Unsurprising end, quiet lover, best friend: relationship done replacement begun. One in, other’s gone yet both still alone: eternal lament, soul never content.

Poetry Archive :: Release Me

Been a VERY long weekend. Have some haiku, and we'll engage brain again tomorrow. Release Me Internal error reboot us; stack overflow, mediate error. Restricted access defence set; data streaming lethal liaison. Fatal feedback loop reality bytes: coding streams, bits colliding. Digital highway strewn; electronic remains lust’s modern release. Me, apps casualty: mode obsolete; updated, … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Release Me

Poetry Archive :: Open Wound

This week, I've discovered that many people can become uncomfortable when dealing with mental illness using poetry. For me, that is all this is, in effect: a process by which I am learning tools to better communicate what exactly goes on within this mind. Those skills will never be honed: for the rest of my … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Open Wound

Poetry Archive :: Real

I have no idea where this guy factors into the equation. The stock image was too good to miss, way his hands support the 'e' and the 'a' and I suppose, on reflection, this was just a graphic I wanted to make with no actual reference to the work. It happens like that sometimes, you … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Real

Poetry Archive :: Rain

Occasionally, I pick a title with supreme confidence, thinking there's a distinct direction for the work to go in. Then when I start writing, everything that was considered and planned for summarily gives me the finger and walks away, leaving brain with a new and (often amazing) alternate direction to travel. This poem is a … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Rain

Sympathy for the Devil

It's almost time for me to set up my charity page for Time to Talk Day. For the last few years I've used my own experiences with mental health as the means by which participation is presented, but this year we'll be doing something different. In my role as a poet, there's new ways to … Continue reading Sympathy for the Devil