Poetry Archive :: Driven

I like this, for lots of reasons. A fraction of my work suffers from the inevitable stresses and strains forced on me due to daily production, but this piece was born pretty much fully formed. It has inevitably been influenced by SciFi Brain which is prevalent in my direction and actions (thanks to NaNoWriMo) but is, … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Driven

Poetry Archive :: Scared

Sorry it's late. I have a lot on. Scared Running late, phone conversations under-cooked chicken, evenings alone psychological horror stories; my hair straighteners are still switched on. Locking myself out of our house, again forgetting which tablets were taken with lunch; a constant ache I am not enough, inability to keep up with their games. … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Scared

The Final Countdown

I've submitted my selection for the National Poetry Competition. Of course, there had to be a mistake: https://twitter.com/InternetofWords/status/1056999934849880064 This, unfortunately, is a consequence of my ASD brain, plus a last minute word change that was missed via spell checker. This stuff happens all the time, and would undoubtedly not hamstring me if the rest of … Continue reading The Final Countdown

Poetry Archive :: The Last Gasp

Starting Thursday, we have a thirty part Haiku spectacular on the cards, so it will only be Micropoetry scheduled across the week.  As a result, I promise that this form will not suffer and is being given extra special love and attention. I also wish I could do bold and italic on Twitter so there'd … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: The Last Gasp

Poetry Archive :: The Bigger Picture

Slowly, haiku is becoming a different tool to work with. It is no longer a set of random, perfect moments, but is evolving into something considerably more interesting. I've got a neophyte idea for a set of images and poems after we're done with Symphony, which is likely to be a testing ground for my … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: The Bigger Picture

Poetry Archive :: What He Said

As you read this, I'm taking a much-needed weekend off before the NaNoWriMo push becomes very real next week (more on that on Wednesday.) It is an opportunity to take some photographs, chill, maybe finally sort out some new playlists to exercise to, and spend as little time as possible thinking about anything except relaxation. … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: What He Said

Down Among the Dead Men

I've taken the opportunity, in the last week, to streamline just about everything I do online. If the plan is working there will be no discernible change to the landscape that is immediately apparent, and in this regard things appear to be moving quite well. Next month's planning's already in an advanced state, and we … Continue reading Down Among the Dead Men