EX/WHI :: Prologue

Next Part of EX/WHI can be found here. The night before They came, she dreamt of a child that would finally happen. This body was broken, damaged beyond repair, and nothing could be salvaged from the broken wreckage of ovaries. It was, the Doctor had suggested, scans in slim, dark fingers, just unfortunate. Missing a … Continue reading EX/WHI :: Prologue

Poetry Archive :: Transformation

** BING BONG ** This is a customer announcement: the 'rhyming poetry' phase on Internet of Words has now come to an end: for the foreseeable future this website will be dealing with more aesthetic poetic forms. Thank you. ** BING BONG ** Transformation Make me something more: Not pale version of her, Life held … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Transformation

Poetry Archive :: Inhale

Always start with the inward breath... In a week where it was almost impossible to meditate, I tried. Amazingly, the level of success was good. Things got done, there was less stress, considering my body was (for several days) rejecting the food it was provided with some speed. However, come the weekend and everything is finally … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Inhale

Electric Dreams

It had been a bit of a struggle to come up with a theme for June's content, until an idea for the Twitter short story presented itself... https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/996016798200983552 This week's been a lot about how Online deals with reality and vice versa, and with a cracking idea now in the planning stage, it was time … Continue reading Electric Dreams

Don’t Dream It’s Over

This morning, a lot of things disappointed me. https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/994871161153556481 Some of them I was able to put into words. Others were not as easily corralled. Absolutely the best thing that could have happened then did so and necessity forced body away from Social media completely to go do some important stuff with my daughter. It was … Continue reading Don’t Dream It’s Over

Building the Perfect Beast

I am beginning to see areas in my organisation and planning schedules that require improvement. One of them is having content ready before it needs to be published. This has meant a quite significant re-organisation of how things work and what is written at certain times of the week, leading to a provisioning of days … Continue reading Building the Perfect Beast

Poetry Archive :: Reflections

Last week I wrote poetry on Saturday night, and it was a HUGE success. Using a Spotify relaxation playlist as a prompt, two REALLY strong poems emerged after a couple of hours work, and this gave me all of Sunday to edit at leisure. On consideration, this is a decent way of improving craft going forward. … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Reflections