Write Now :: Inspiration

It was a few years ago that an Open University Creative Writing Course was taken to kick-start creativity. The first thing I was told, on almost the opening page of my Unit booklet, was that there'd need to be a notebook for ideas. This, initially, was met with much internal hilarity: when there are ideas, … Continue reading Write Now :: Inspiration

Experimental :: In Your Dreams

In my dreams, I was your wife Picture perfect imitation. Here, domestic servitude: with no desire for anything but pleasuring a life, with nothing less but attitude. Your perfect body taunted All I did was stare, not touching. Desire: staggered, overwhelmed far too much, and when it came to adult time, I panicked waking in … Continue reading Experimental :: In Your Dreams

Write Off :: The Day before You Came

Occasionally, you come across something that you don't remember writing.¬†That is the case with this week's piece, sitting in a folder that had a bunch of house correspondence in it. It was produced for a writing challenge on Livejournal, and if the save date on the file is correct, produced in May 2004. What makes … Continue reading Write Off :: The Day before You Came

Write Off :: Don’t Get Fooled Again

I promised before I went away on holiday I'd be dragging up some of my old work from numerous backups, and today we stand with the smell of 2004 in our nostrils. In fact, the piece I'm going to post after this (and you'll see why I'm not tagging it on the end, simply providing … Continue reading Write Off :: Don’t Get Fooled Again

Summer Holiday

This week, I am winding down for a week away which begins (unofficially) on the 16th. As a result, there'll be the scheduled essay on Wednesday, but only intermittent service after that until the 23rd. It's okay, you'll manage without me, and there's plenty of scheduled content via Twitter to keep everybody occupied in the … Continue reading Summer Holiday