Poetry Archive :: Real

I have no idea where this guy factors into the equation. The stock image was too good to miss, way his hands support the 'e' and the 'a' and I suppose, on reflection, this was just a graphic I wanted to make with no actual reference to the work. It happens like that sometimes, you … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Real

Poetry Archive :: Rain

Occasionally, I pick a title with supreme confidence, thinking there's a distinct direction for the work to go in. Then when I start writing, everything that was considered and planned for summarily gives me the finger and walks away, leaving brain with a new and (often amazing) alternate direction to travel. This poem is a … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Rain

Sympathy for the Devil

It's almost time for me to set up my charity page for Time to Talk Day. For the last few years I've used my own experiences with mental health as the means by which participation is presented, but this year we'll be doing something different. In my role as a poet, there's new ways to … Continue reading Sympathy for the Devil

28 Days Later

A surprising amount of organisation took place at the weekend, balanced by a solid amount of Gaming in PJ's. Getting the balance right between work and relaxation can often be a tough ask, especially in periods such as this when there are a lot of domestic, familial responsibilities on top of everything else. However, there's planning … Continue reading 28 Days Later

Poetry Archive :: Removed

Just pretend you didn't see this, we'll mark it down to my diet choices this week, and then we'll say no more about it, okay? Removed Pineapple sunset; heart, wrenched asunder: sweetly screams without closure. Holiday romance, exposed deceit: passion mush fruit, pointless labour. Shy, downward glances exploited: coconut rum arbiter to fate. Mango’s bitter … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Removed

Poetry Archive :: Rebel

I'm quite pleased with this, on two levels: it starts as non-rhyme and then has it's own moment of rebellion. I *think* this is tribachal verse (if I've understood the metrical feet thing, if I've not some explanation would be fabulous) but even if I have failed to grasp the concept, three syllables a line … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Rebel

A Night at the Ritz

EX/WHI won't be with you today: not because it's not written, but there's a bit of a conflict of interest going on. Right now I'm mired in an important re-edit of a novel being sent off for a significant prize next month. Last year, there simply wasn't the confidence I could fulfil the criteria. That's … Continue reading A Night at the Ritz