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Sanctify Yourself There's a really good reason to run two Twitter accounts, I realised yesterday : one for the professional, polished exterior and the other to get really ranty and frustrated when stupid rears it's ugly head, which happens with predictable frequency. It is, on reflection, the disadvantage of having to deal with people who don't 'get' … Continue reading Sanctify Yourself

The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul I should have started doing this far, far earlier in my life than now. This revelation isn't really very useful or productive, so now it's been said let's stick it in the pile and move on. Friday was, all told, very surreal, like it happened to somebody else, or I was slightly removed from … Continue reading The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul

Poetry Archive :: Release Me

Been a VERY long weekend. Have some haiku, and we'll engage brain again tomorrow. Release Me Internal error reboot us; stack overflow, mediate error. Restricted access defence set; data streaming lethal liaison. Fatal feedback loop reality bytes: coding streams, bits colliding. Digital highway strewn; electronic remains lust’s modern release. Me, apps casualty: mode obsolete; updated, … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Release Me

Poetry Archive :: Open Wound

This week, I've discovered that many people can become uncomfortable when dealing with mental illness using poetry. For me, that is all this is, in effect: a process by which I am learning tools to better communicate what exactly goes on within this mind. Those skills will never be honed: for the rest of my … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Open Wound

The Day Before You Came

Yesterday was, without doubt, one of the most difficult days I've ever had as an adult. 'Yeah yeah, it's all hyperbole,' I hear you mutter BUT THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG. It was apparent, going into this year, there would be points where everything could topple, but what wasn't expected was the opposite to take … Continue reading The Day Before You Came

The Grand Tour

This has taken all day to write. It should be obvious shortly as to why. This is by some way one of my favourite GIF images, for several reasons. Uppermost is the sense of calm and contentment I gain from watching doughnuts get coated. This is the kind of mental relaxation that, after a hard … Continue reading The Grand Tour

January Short Story : Whole

This story was first serialised in 31 daily parts during January via the @AlternativeChat and @InternetofWords Twitter feeds [9am and 4pm GMT respectively.] It is now reproduced in a complete form, a number of small edits and corrections made to improve narrative flow and maintain correct continuity. Enjoy. Whole It is very, VERY dark, down … Continue reading January Short Story : Whole