Once upon a time, someone who read my work asked if there was a way they could donate money because they’d enjoyed what they’d read. At the time I can remember thinking that I wasn’t ready to be beholden to anyone who’d hand over cash for what I did, because when that happened I’d feel an obligation to them, and myself. That was long before the days of GoFundMe and Patreon, and now I could, if I wished, set up a means by which people could legitimately pay me to write for them. Except that’s not what I’m after, I know after a lot of hard thought and consideration. I know what I want to do, and how it will happen, and what I really don’t need right now is a level of responsibility for stuff I’m still learning how to produce. Yup, after nearly 50 years, I still can’t write properly. Who knew?

However, more people are now asking how they can help me to fulfil my dream, and I’ve decided that maybe it is time to just give those who wish to the means by which they can support me. I’m not asking you to pay for anything, and I’m not going to restrict any content if people don’t. This is the equivalent of taking us to a hipster beverage emporium and treating me me a cuppa and a slice of cake after a fraught day, or providing the much needed beer after a hard week’s work at the Internets. It is totally voluntary, but the means does now exist, if you so desire, to donate funds to continue working, pay for website hosting and allow me the freedom to do what I love the most, craft stories and blog posts.

You won’t see me advertise this page more than once on Social Media. It is here and I won’t push the point. The fact remains, I can do my job perfectly well without funding, and I have done now for nearly eight years. If you liked what I wrote and want to show your appreciation for a job well done? Click the button. What you give is entirely up to you, but by accepting I can make money for what I do? I take a step into a wider and scarier Universe.

That’s never going to be a bad thing.