Shall we Begin?

Once upon a time, I decided what was most important in my life was to tell stories. It’s been a fairly long (and often painful) road to get this far, but that’s now what I’ve set out to do. Welcome to my space on the Internet where I intend not only to write, but hope to inspire others to think as they read.


The journey to this spot has been shaped by a remarkable number of individuals, many of whom I have never met. That’s the amazing thing about the virtual spaces I have chosen to inhabit since the early days of the Internet: so many of the people discovered never go onto be lasting friends, simply acquaintances along the way. The key for me, however, are the lasting impressions they leave during interaction. If the future is to be lived out in the Cloud and across virtual spaces such as these, then it is important to document the affects on our lives, and how these change us as individuals going forward.


It never used to involve poetry, this grand plan, but that changed in 2017. Now, the form is becoming as important as short stories and my daily rants on life. This is the third point of a triangle of blogs/websites which forms the shape of my online existence, supported by Social media. If you find this place interesting, please note it is simply a part of a greater whole.

Over the last three years I’ve created a ‘brand’ which is how many people have chosen to present themselves virtually. That includes the following spaces:

La Geek Qui Rit:
Personal (mostly daily) rantings on Internet culture, my personal exercise journey, how I use writing to deal with mental health issues (especially depression) and pretty much anything that takes my fancy. As unstructured and random as my brain remains.

Alternative Chat:
Where I talk about my ongoing addiction to Activision Blizzard’s MMO behemoth, ‘World of Warcraft’ and how I manage it.

The Online Fanzine project that I’ve always wanted to undertake but never had the ability or capacity to do so. Will be available in both digital and paper versions.

Alternative Chat on Social media:
I can be personally found on Twitter but no longer on Facebook or Instagram, because… well, you can probably work that out. For now, nothing else really matters

For everything else, the Internet of Words has you covered.