I’ve never been a great fan of introductions.


Once upon at time, this was my least-important place on the Internet, a sort of spare room for storage: somewhere to hide when people knocked on the door and I wanted to pretend no-one was home. Now it has become the place that matters most: I’ve built my own business in this space. I wake up every day, settle into a cozy and comfortable virtual box room then proceed to learn how to become a better writer.

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The Internet of Words is a Patreon-based means by which I hope to take over the World am attempting to open people’s minds to the possibilities beyond staring for hours at Facebook and Twitter before bemoaning what a state the World is currently in. It is my means of injecting education and information into virtual concepts that shape our daily lives. It is an encouragement to read both fiction and non fiction texts before discussing the concepts they present. It is also a great excuse to write poetry and short stories in the name of enlightenment and entertainment. Mostly, it is you guys [/points] watching me [/blush] evolve from an unfit, maudlin mother of two teenage children into a brand new person in my 50’s. On that front, things are going really well.

If you want to know what’s in my head on a daily basis: first visit La Geek Qui Rit.


This domain’s been in my hands for coming up for 20 years, which should give an indicator as to how long I’ve been mucking about online. This is the place for my brain dumps on everything and anything, with accompanying colourful, NSFW language and imagery. Somebody called me edgy once and you know what, I’d like to think I am but am often just panicking wildly like everybody else. This is where you can learn most about me, if that is your plan. Honestly, its all there, you just have to read.


For everything else? Well, I write about my favourite computer game here, but that’s pretty niche and often fairly critical so it may not be the fangirl experience you’re looking for. Really, this will be my future existence (or I’d not be trying to sell it so much.)

When I think of a better introduction, I’ll stick it here. For now, if you want to donate to my Patreon, here’s a banner to click.