Beginnings are hard. I have three places where I live and work, and the overriding temptation is to just copy/paste one Biography to another and have done with it.

Not today.


This .GIF pretty much sums up a large part of my writing existence. For decades I was afraid to be what I really was, and suppressed just about everything about my life. Now, that has changed, and I am undergoing a metamorphosis that means on any given day I could be anything at all. However, that’s now slowly refining itself. There are, as a result, a number of constants. These are the things I know I am:

  • Mother
  • Woman
  • Writer

Everything else is subject to change, often without prior notice. There’s lots of things I enjoy too, but I’m not giving you a list of those, you’ll just have to pay more attention.

Mostly, I ask you to come here and read this for one reason alone. If you decide that judgement is your thing? GO AWAY. I’m looking for discussion, respect and constructive feedback. I’ll ask you to tell me what’s good and bad. I don’t need you judge anything, or become the arbiter of what you believe I should and shouldn’t be doing. That’s not your job. It never was, and never will be. Just as long as you’re clear on that?

Things are going to be just fine.


I eat like this and still care about healthy living. I have two children but believe they deserve their own choices. I’m musically open but lyrically closed. I am the definition of contradiction and the model of convention. If you understand the sides to the coin, then you grasp the choice I give.

Welcome to my Writing Home.