The 2018 Content Curation Long List

At first, this part of my 2018 remit seemed like something of an impossible task. How do I make sense of the almost infinite selection of YouTube content and curate that into something not simply cohesive but compelling? The key is my own desires, I realised early on: focus on things I enjoy and find interesting, and everything else will probably work on its own level. As it transpires, I’ve not struggled for subject matters, and there are many months worth of Playlists prepared already.

When we look back on this at the end of 2018 (assuming, of course, the planet remains here and we’ve not wiped ourselves from it) I hope to have presented a decent selection of diversions. If time and desire allow, you’ll also find some extracurricular choices posted here, often with a relevance to my current obsession of the moment.

World of Colour

For thirty-one days in January, I presented on Twitter a selection of classic colour films from the early years of BBC2’s Trade Test Colour Transmissions.

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For twenty-eight days in February, it is time to relax, reflect, and love the World around you. It is an amazing and complex place, and to understand everything is often a tough ask. This month’s selection, therefore, celebrates not only the simple pleasures around us, but challenges you to ask some fundamental questions about your place on the planet.

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Beauty is perhaps the most subjective of benchmarks. For thirty-one days in March, it is time to look at things with a more critical eye, in an attempt to open up understanding and provide knowledge towards why it is we think things are beautiful, and what guides those thought processes.

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This month, I challenge you to look at the World in differing ways. Here are 30 things that made me go ‘hmmm’ or ‘WOW’ and forced a rethink of the basic reality around me. Some are reasonably mundane, others are just brain-stoppingly unbelievable. Whatever you might think, challenging knowledge should be a default for everyone. Surely there is SOMETHING in this selection that is news to you…

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