Beautiful Simplicity

It began with a daily Haiku on Twitter in May of 2017, and from my efforts in short form poetry has sprung a contentment I’m still grasping. It transpires I can do this.

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Moving forward, the plan is to try and do more longer form works, enter contests and attempt to hone this fledgling craft into something worthwhile. To that end I’ll keep doing the weekly/daily stuff on Twitter, as it has become the equivalent of lifting weights or practising my yoga poses. By repetition comes comfort and familiarity with the positions, and then (hopefully) will follow an ability to make words do what I wish them to… though sometimes, I realise, that’s not how poetry works. Occasionally the words have other ideas, and you are simply along for the ride.


I’ll be archiving all my work here as time goes on. For now, you can have these examples as a starting point.