Writing to a Word Count

Welcome to the Short Story Collection on IoW. This combination of short form works from recent history is being actively updated, sometimes on multiple occasions a month. It also encompasses the ‘Twitter’ Short Stories I publish every day, which are then finally condensed at the end of each month into a complete form.

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September’s Short Story is a story of love, devotion, hatred, curses,
ego and a giant lake of… well, I don’t want to give EVERYTHING
away before you start reading, now do I?
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For August, it was time to go travelling with the Circus:
the last stop of the year for this particular group of carnies becomes
something far more important for a unique member of their number…
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Last Post

In July we offered a feel good story in contrast to Alias:
what would you do if someone whom you followed on Social media
suddenly disappeared without warning?
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June’s story is a cautionary online tale:
the man whose hobby is destroying online relationships is not
expecting a very righteous form of revenge…
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May’s story is back in Science Fiction territory:
In the battle of Man versus Machine for control of the planet,
neither side is aware of the true enemy…
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April’s story’s all Supernatural [TM]:
How do you remove the toxic ex-boyfriend from your life,
once and for all? With magic, of course…
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I Love You

March’s Twitter Short Story is also a Love Story:
A gallery takes possession of a controversial piece of artwork,
with surprising and damaging consequences…
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The Shape We're In

February’s Twitter Short Love Story:
In a World where men are the inferior species, love still finds a way.
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January’s Inaugural Twitter Short Story:
A young woman’s arranged marriage holds the key to an entire planet’s
political and social evolution…
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#2 of the 12 Spots to Moan Series of Erotic Short Stories:
A divorcee takes a much needed Italian holiday and rediscovers her existence…
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The Love Seat.png

#1 of the 12 Spots to Moan Series of Erotic Short Stories:
Best friends sometimes need furniture to move their relationship forward…
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The Key to Dreams __ A Dystopian Short Story

From the Book of the Month Series:
A desperate man will do anything to cure his cancer.
The key to his liberation becomes means to transform the World…
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soft reset __ a science fiction short story

From the Book of the Month Series:
In a future where men are extinct, is it a woman’s job to continue human evolution,
or does AI hold the key to the future?
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From the Book of the Month Series:
Riz and Dezi have crossed the Galaxy, ready to bet everything on their future together.
Is this final gamble worth the reward?
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From the Book of the Month Series:
What happens when an obsession develops into something
far more dangerous and consuming?
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