The 2018 Music Curation Long List

One of the plans for my website going forward is to try and make sense of the almost infinite mass of content available via the Internets, in all of its forms. We start with YouTube, which does not just have to be all about oddly satisfying videos and meme compilations. There is, understandably, a phenomenal amount of musical content on offer, and it is to that I’ve decided to begin my curation career with. Therefore, every day on the @InternetofWords and @AlternativeChat Twitter feeds, I present a soundtrack for the month: some are obvious, others less so.

What they have at their core is the love of music that has sustained me from an early age.

These curated compilations are then saved to my YouTube channel for perusal at your leisure.  You can find my YouTube Channel by clicking on the handy button below:


 2018 Selections


To start this Project (for that is what it will end up becoming) I picked the inaugural #Indy31: a bunch of tunes that not only define what I am, but can stand as a testament to the depth and complexity that music can create when you don’t just settle for homogenised pop as standard. Don’t worry, that genre will get its day (probably an entire month, if honest) but for now, let us celebrate the brilliantly lyrical plus some undoubted musical genius.

Click Here for the complete YouTube Playlist


Well, what else was I going to do for February? Here we have twenty-eight songs about LOVE in all of its particular forms, with a definite bias on the unconventional.

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It might not have looked like Spring for large parts of March in the UK (looking at you, unexpected snow) but that didn’t stop us celebrating the beginning of the Vernal Equinox. Here’s a selection of thirty-one pieces of music, both classical and modern, to help celebrate the arrival of greenery, warmth and the reminder that SUMMER COMES NEXT.

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Appearing in its complete form here (this one got truncated due to illness) I present 30 songs that have a sense of humour at their core. Some are parodies, others are satire, a few are plays on words… All of them have a brilliance, which is without doubt. Plus I get to educate you on some of the key parts of my childhood. What could possibly go wrong?

Click Here for the complete YouTube Playlist


This is a really personal list, far more so than was first realised. It’s a selection of pieces, mostly without lyrics, to present an aural journey from the Blue Hour (see this poem for details) through several nights and days. Putting the actual playlist together has been an absolute joy, and I’ll be using this one for writing background in the future.

Click Here for the complete YouTube Playlist


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