The 2018 Music Curation Long List

One of the plans for my website going forward is to try and make sense of the almost infinite mass of content available via the Internets, in all of its forms. We start with YouTube, which does not just have to be all about oddly satisfying videos and meme compilations. There is, understandably, a phenomenal amount of musical content on offer, and it is to that I’ve decided to begin my curation career with. Therefore, every day on the @InternetofWords and @AlternativeChat Twitter feeds, I present a soundtrack for the month: some are obvious, others less so.

What they have at their core is the love of music that has sustained me from an early age.

These curated compilations are then saved to my YouTube channel for perusal at your leisure.  You can find my YouTube Channel by clicking on the handy button below:


 2018 Selections


Click Here for the complete YouTube Playlist


Click Here for the complete YouTube Playlist

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