Art for Art’s Sake

It’s twenty-one days before my holiday begins: not that I’m counting days or anything, but last night the dates were put in the Work Diary, which has somehow made the entire experience a bit more real. The poetry deadlines are looming for the first couple of awards/contests that I feel are feasible to enter, and last night my work to show for this was woeful. As of typing this (12.07 p.m.) there’s FIVE pieces of work whose foundations I’m very proud of. There is, I think, a way forward.

It’s as if my brain finally turned up and got with the programme.

I edited some novel last night, and today I’ll prune and organise a portion of the scheduling backlog. Wednesday is the World Cup semi-final so as much as I can get done before 7pm will be great, and then a part of me is considering cycling to the entire thing in the shed, because then I have to focus on something other than worrying about whether we win or not. The week’s been planned out, but already today has come the need to throw that away and focus on the poems. Once upon a time, this would have ruined the rest of my week. Things are slowly becoming easier to deal with.

It might not seem like much to you but its a big deal to me.


If I can keep this impetus up for the rest of the week, there should be space on Friday to begin planning for August’s scheduling…

The End

I’ve been reorganising my online life since the end of April, and this is the last place to get the ‘proper’ treatment. That’s mostly because it gets the least use, but that will all change starting tomorrow, when I go full out on pulling all the disparate strands of the online life to order. The main logo’s not gonna stay like that, it is simply a placeholder, but as were not interested here in pictures as much as words? The header will change to reflect the current ‘Project du Jour’ and everything else will make sense in time.

For now, all my imagery’s going to be permed from the places that inspire me, and will be black and white because I’m on that tip at the moment with Instagram. Bear with me, I’m trying to establish an identity here 😛

Needless to say, full relaunch is tomorrow. SEE YOU THERE.

Watching You Without Me

Are we clear? GOOD. 

Last night, a choice I made on Social Media came back to haunt me, as someone tried to get my attention via a third party. When my choices end up inconveniencing innocent bystanders? Probably time to stand up and make some issues clear, and as 2016 is just over there? /points it is probably the right moment to create a Social Media Policy for the year ahead. Everyone should have rules for their virtual spaces. This is called curating and we’ve spoken before about how important it is in your personal environments to ensure you are comfortable and happy being online.

So, let’s see if I can get everything I need into one Tweet, shall we?

So, there you have it, and for many of you? This won’t be a surprise at all. However there are two words there that are new, and I’d like to take a moment to explain. I can spot Stalkers with relative ease, not just because your Follows are clearly biased towards your interests and your Tweets are very much narcissism embodied. I used to be a Stalker. There, I said it. I have the tendencies, I know what those feelings are like. When you firmly believe your point of view’s the only right one. When your affection for someone is greater than their affection for them. Yes, I get it all, and then some, and so that means that when you see someone else doing what you’ve done yourself? It is easier to grasp. I’m Stalker Aware and if you suddenly get blocked in the middle of the night? Check your privilege, that obsession could be showing.

Mostly, just don’t be that person.

Nobody’s perfect. Me in particular.

Somebody reminded me yesterday that far too much sway is put in the power of the individual opinion these days: as soon as someone opens their mouth on Twitter, everyone has an equally valid take. The thing is, over time, you can learn to deal with everything, and form a far better and more realistic opinion on the reality around you. It may take time, but you can totally find a level. The crap that’s been flying around my portion of social media of late has taught a lot of salutatory lessons. It’s now up to other people to set their level around everything else. Inevitably there are already casualties, but the fact remains I live and work here now, and that means I’m here for the duration. It also means that things are going to change.

You’ll see that happening as we move into 2016. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Learning to Fly

Easy now there big fella ^^

Learning how to write is fucking hard work.

The worst part of the journey is when you know that you need to get from A-B and you have no clue on how you’re gonna do it. That’s been me this week: even though I’d already written the next half a dozen sections of  ‘The Sayers’ they didn’t work well enough for me to want to post them. So on came the re-write, that ended up with just over 15k’s worth of written work being either trashed or recycled. The basic ‘plot’ remains but the means by which you now see this played out has undergone the most brutal of redirections.

As it stands, I’m happy with the way this has now gone, but we’re still not done yet. I’m still working out the kinks in the rewrite, but the plan remains to try and go back to Mondays for posting, starting with the upcoming Bank Holiday. Mostly I wanted to get this right because it matters that I make my story what I think it should be, rather than simply settle for having something substandard to meet a deadline. Mostly it is the perfectionist in me realising that I want to tell this story as well as I can, which means it’s show, not tell all the way.

If you’ll excuse me Dave, I’ll go back to the editing now.