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What’s my Name Again?

I have been working REALLY hard the last couple of months, and there are days when I will be honest, things just happen on autopilot. Last week’s National Poetry Day endeavour was not what I expected it to be: part of me felt a fair amount of disappointment. I didn’t […]

Take the Long Way Home

Those of you paying attention will know that Thursdays are now intentionally quiet on the Blogs because I’ve decided to dedicate an entire 24 hours just to writing fiction. The positive effect this is having on mental health is not to be underestimated, quite apart from the actual progress being […]

Things to Make and Do

There’s a To Do list currently for IoW that’s quite long, but for now is not getting any larger. Tomorrow is my first major day for content deployment, but I’m now going to have to fit in both a Physio and Doctor visit to the timetable, so this afternoon is […]

Calling all the Heroes

Today was fucking huge, and here’s why: A Schedule has been Established. I am creating a hand-written book of all my Haiku and MicroPoetry, basically because I can : D pic.twitter.com/ReKPvbwaOI — Internet of Words: Fiction, Non Fiction and Poetry (@InternetofWords) May 2, 2017 I have scheduled Haiku and Micropoetry […]

Introduction to Blogging

In my Introduction to #Blogging, there’s just one question to answer: what’s your Blog called?