Poetry Archive :: Release Me

Been a VERY long weekend. Have some haiku, and we'll engage brain again tomorrow. Release Me Internal error reboot us; stack overflow, mediate error. Restricted access defence set; data streaming lethal liaison. Fatal feedback loop reality bytes: coding streams, bits colliding. Digital highway strewn; electronic remains lust’s modern release. Me, apps casualty: mode obsolete; updated, … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Release Me

Poetry Archive :: Real

I have no idea where this guy factors into the equation. The stock image was too good to miss, way his hands support the 'e' and the 'a' and I suppose, on reflection, this was just a graphic I wanted to make with no actual reference to the work. It happens like that sometimes, you … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Real

Poetry Archive :: Removed

Just pretend you didn't see this, we'll mark it down to my diet choices this week, and then we'll say no more about it, okay? Removed Pineapple sunset; heart, wrenched asunder: sweetly screams without closure. Holiday romance, exposed deceit: passion mush fruit, pointless labour. Shy, downward glances exploited: coconut rum arbiter to fate. Mango’s bitter … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Removed

Poetry Archive: Relieved

I have to be careful at present, evangelising how much better my life has become when I'm not in a computer game or losing myself on Social media, because for so many people this is their life. All things in moderation is a good mantra, when all is said and done. Trying to get others … Continue reading Poetry Archive: Relieved

Poetry Archive :: Redefinition

This image was chosen for this week's haiku because of the subversive 'FUCK' hidden next to the headphone: my staid, often boring art programme has a bit of naughtiness hidden inside, and I like it. There doesn't need to be a month that defines what we are for the next year. You can change shit … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Redefinition

Poetry Archive :: Revolution

RESOLUTION: Learn more about the history of Haiku. Maybe buy some books about it and do some reading. Generally, find ways and means by which this form can not be simply refined, but redefined. Maybe do it in another language. Learn from other writers. EXPAND MY HORIZONS. This is a decent five-some to start my … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Revolution

Rip It Up

As a wise man once said: break's over. Time to get back to work. On my way back from Blood Donation #6 this morning [four more and I GET A BADGE] the entire plan for January's Short Story got thrown in the furnace. Instead, we have a NEW PLAN and, in even more SHOCK NEWS, … Continue reading Rip It Up