Poetry Archive :: Please Help Me

I would argue that the worthwhile thing you can ever do with someone suffering from any form of mental illness is to learn how to listen to them.

If you cannot express your anguish for yourself, sometimes all that is left is incoherent anger, frustration and tears. In those moments, help is absolutely crucial.

Here’s a series of haiku on how it feels to me when this happens.

Please Help Me

Nowhere else to go
Desperate plea: find method
Alleviate pain.

Knowledge eludes, true
Redemption out of arm’s reach:
Please, someone listen.

This voice, important
Requires immediate help:
Supply assistance.

Hand is offered, small
Gesture immediate: breathe,
Explain what is wrong.

Way forward defined,
Begin the healing process,
Together, stronger.

Poetry Archive :: Enlightenment

Ah, the benefit of hindsight. It’s too late to worry about it now: just take what you’ve got and make the most of it. ALSO stop using the word stress because it is only making things worse. You’re a writer, dammit! BE MORE CREATIVE.


The fog, now lifting:
Mists recede: enlightenment
Presented, begins.

Choice, complexity
Defined through pain: revealing
Uncomfortable truths.

Reality grows
As consciousness shifts; within
Perception altered.

It has come to this
Line in the sand: drawn, ignored
Facts instead embraced.

Sometimes, to start fresh
Acceptable direction:
Reach out, ask for help.

Poetry Archive :: Connected

Considering the amount of time I spend in the Virtual World, there really pught to be more written about it from a poetic standpoint. Consider this notice that’s going to happen, and that there’s a tenable connection between life and data.

Again, another one for the ‘very happy how it turned out’ pile.


Your head’s in the Cloud,
Virtual resonance moves;
Desires anthesis.

Neurons intertwine: perfect
Synergy commenced.

Together, upload
Combined want: arousal sparks
Joint start-up sequence.

Data conjoining,
Interfaces touch: buffered
Downloads intermix.

New programme written,
Connecting: past and present,
Our aggregation.


Poetry Archive :: Survival

Understanding yourself is the most important thing that will ever be achieved in order to successfully survive reality.


Decision simple:
Die on this hill? Or, perhaps
Stop; reconsider.

So many years spent
Questioning existence, to
Reach this conclusion.

Reality, now
Finally registers: no
Turning back, assess.

Assemble your facts
Consider: how much as truth
What is imagined?

Survival matters
As brighter future beckons:
New journey begins.


Poetry Archive :: Revelation

The process of growth and self-improvement continues apace. Each week is different: whether it be interaction with others, or deeper understandings of self. This week, I’ve used balance as a means not only of focus but enlightenment. Other people have made me consider how I deal with my own issues. Mostly, it has been a series of revelations.

It is odd how sometimes what I write about at the start of a week gains a new significance by the end.


Instant of feeling,
Light perceived: revelation
Brings understanding.

Mind shifts, expansion;
Gradual comprehension,

What could be achieved,
Later consideration:
Options are endless.

Only restriction
Initial consternation:
Am I capable?

Don’t worry, ‘what if’
Needs application: wait, whilst
Instincts spark, respond.

Poetry Archive :: Exhale

Rhyming is becoming a bit of a millstone, and there’s a sense that my next bunch of micropoetry might ignore it all together. For now, of the two things written last week, this is the one I’m far more satisfied with.

This is the better descriptive work, and come closest to what I wanted to achieve.


With each outward breath,
Exhale these sins: shortcomings
Removed, exorcised.

Allow stresses space
Leeching through skin: emerging
Stronger consciousness.

Let go of each doubt,
Weight shed, body lightening
Breathing, in and back.

Finally, relaxed
Truths will reveal: within you
Strength, courage exists.

Calm mantra creates
Coercive mind: empowered,
All is possible.

Poetry Archive :: Blue Hour

The blue hour refers to a phase of twilight when the Sun is so far below the horizon that the light’s blue wavelengths dominate. Because the blue hour is a colloquial term, it doesn’t have an official definition similar to dawn, dusk, and the three phases of twilight.


In other words…

The best time of day, and most evocative for lyrical expounding.


Blue Hour

Powder skies, pale blue
Deepen as day is ending:
Look, sunset beckons.

Briefest window: light
Scattered across atmosphere,
Blue most prominent.

Hinterland between
Day and night: moments altered
By diffused twilight.

Calm produces still,
Thoughtful consideration:
Reflect, what’s to come.

Arrival, darkness
Black illuminating; stars
Turn backdrop deeper.