Poetry Archive :: The Slightest Touch

This week, because VALENTINE’S DAY, I decided to throw a little erotica into everything. That means I should probably warn you that these five Haiku are about SEX, there are MAN PARTS involved and it’s probably one of the most fun things I’ve written for a while. There’s not enough stuff about adult relations on Twitter which is sympathetically done. We all know about the body parts in the DM’s that NOBODY ASKED FOR but this is loving, consensual and perfectly normal. Oh, and there’s a money shot.

Enjoy, and always remember to use protection.

The Slightest Touch

Sensitised, moving
Side to back; your arrival,
Waking arousal.

Coarse flesh, rough hands brush
Back to hip: pulling closer
Face blurs as lips touch.

Lost in joint passion
Blessed manipulation
Bodies twist, reset.

Looking down to you,
Hands grasp: shifting weight above
Organ pulse inside.

This slightest touch starts
Chain reaction: from life’s spark
Little death our end.

Poetry Archive :: Regret

Valentines Day, for me, is the anniversary of meeting my husband. As that’s more than thirty years ago, you might think I won’t grasp the minutiae of relationship pain, or understand the complexities of love and regret. Think again, fact fans. I fall in and out of love with stuff (sometimes) on an hourly basis. I am fickle and ultimately terrible when it comes to snap judgements. Of course, I’m sensible enough to never show this in the Real World and all the angst conveniently leaks out into fiction and poetry. In this case, quite a lot of regret and hate’s been about in the last week, and it seemed sensible (and convenient) to remove all that angst in literary form.

There’s enough of this to fuel more than a single month’s worth of content, that’s for damn sure.


So many things, close
To beating heart: where do I
Begin our story?

At the start, belief
Honesty placed: your passion
Swallowed soul and mind.

The middle movement,
Soaring, reflective: leading
Onwards to coda.

Then, ending arrives;
Passion departed: becomes
Simply memory.

Regret is our love:
Beautifully broken piece
Of once perfect whole.


Go with the Flow

So, I’m behind this week, but there’s a very good reason. The fates appear to have aligned on a great many areas of what could previously be described as problematic content. As a result, I’m two days into editing a NaNo novel from times past, and I have a couple of short stories that were nothing more than fumes a few days ago. Creativity, after a period where nothing existed, has returned with a vengeance. I know why this is, am not going to argue, but am conscious there also needs to be a thought to the future. That’s why we’re already looking forward to next month.

I have decided therefore that March is going to be a month of poetry.


As the weather is getting slightly kinder this will also push me out of comfort zones and the house in order to use the Outside World (TM) for inspiration. There’ll be more details on the nuts and bolts of the content once I’ve finalised everything next week, but I want to use places I find beautiful as inspiration for the majority of my workload. It will also mean quite literally blowing the dust off my camera and not relying on the mobile phone as a means of taking pictures.

I really am rather excited at the possibilities 😀


Beauty for me is quite a complicated equation. It is rarely physical (though there are exceptions) and often found in nature. I love history as an aesthetic concept: ancient Egypt, the Victorian period… which leeches into architecture and construction. There are so many possibilities for the month to look forward to, including my options for the #Narrating2018 and #Soundtracking 2018 strands of content. In fact, just writing this blog post has inspired more possibilities.

My aesthetics are a key part of what I am. I look forward to sharing them with you.

Poetry Archive :: Transition (Haiku)

Because we found ourselves crossing two months last week, and it has become easier for me to write in complete sequences, I decided to use the same title for both sets of poetry. As seems to be the theme of late these words have a completely different resonance than was the case when they were written last week… and am proud of these haiku, far more so than any that have proceeded. This sequence works well not simply as five different pieces, but as a complete poem.

I think I’m getting somewhere.

Transition :: One

Grinding to a halt:
Suddenly, too much; how can
Simplicity die?

Moving across space,
Transition: should be easy
Except, this has failed.

Considered options
Concertina: shrinking to
Tiniest failure.

Sudden explosion,
No comprehension, exception
To months of planning.

Sometimes, things go wrong:
Fate, out of your hands.


Poetry Archive :: Progress

As we approach the end of January, a lot has changed for me. I’ll have ridden the equivalent distance of London to Amsterdam (and back) and made significant changes to my exercise routines. People are now paying me unprompted to keep writing. Some people might consider it time for a rest or to sit back, but I’ll be spending my Sunday afternoon planning for the next week, and beyond. Progress is not simply physical, however: opening mind and expecting failings is as important a part of the process as all the physical gains. It is easy to become complacent, especially when there are issues to address that are out of your hands.

Life should be a constant process of reflection and reassessment.


We have reached the point;
No return: strike onward, to
Our next place of rest.

Journey, conceded
Simply smaller part, building
Towards greater whole.

Take strength from within,
Create brilliance: burning
Brighter than sunshine.

Constituent piece
Of my life: being remade,
Different image.

Here, I stand prepared.
Progress marked: you have done well,
Now, take the next step.

Poetry Archive: Strong

The weekly process of writing on a Sunday has now become part of routine: I’m still getting used to the archiving, it has to be said, but give that a few months and it will become habit too. This is a particuarly prophetic set of haiku, on reflection, and it mirrors a hard week of physical exertion. I have never been a great believer previously in the power of affirmation, but I would be lying if it wasn’t clear that it does have a positive affect on both mind and body.

These verses are my matra not only for the week that has passed, but for those that are to come.


I am preparing,
Mind attuned: expanding, now
Encompassing change.

Extending my hands,
Sense air: circulating warmth
Affecting focus.

In this space, altered
Consciousness: sharp sensations
Help intensify thoughts.

Iterate mantra,
I am strong: this is my path,
Tread with certainty.

Each repetition,
Builds further, deep confidence.
The future is mine.

Poetry Archive :: Poorly Sick

I started writing this on Twelfth Night with a horrible virus thing in throat and ears which has finally slowed to the occasional cough and a bit of a runny nose. This I attribute to a lot of exercise and eating like a horse, but it is just as likely that diminished pile of drugs to my left had an influence. Either way, this seemed a great idea for a week’s worth of Haiku, and it seems to have done the trick.

I’m well again, and you get a week’s work of mini-masterpieces in one hit.

Poorly Sick

There’s no escaping
Temperature rising: not love,
Impending illness.

At the Pharmacy,
Feeling awful: grab the things
Help you feel better.

Go to bed early,
Try not to stress: relaxing
Hot lemon, honey.

Convincing your brain
Tomorrow will be better:
Just relax tonight.

I hate being ill:
Feeling poorly: sick and me
Never get along.