The First Time

Everything you will ever need to know about me exists online. No, really, it does. You'd be surprised just how much personal detail has been exposed via the wonders of the World Wide Web since the 1990's, but to make it easier for you I've put together some notable moments in personal history. The 'Writing as … Continue reading The First Time

Poetry Archive :: The First Time

Couple of edits in this from the live version. BRB, editing 30 Haiku for Thursday. The First Time Together, begin mindfulness; look within self your answers lie, quiet. Acceptance, unique truth there to find: presenting mental progression. Knowing shortcomings plan accordingly; cover failings, redefine. True intimacy grows organically, sprouting fertile, grasping vines. Make fresh beginning … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: The First Time

Thank You For the Music

We're BACK in action after the much needed and utterly awesome weekend away and this morning, we're reminding the room all about next month. NaNoWriMo gets it's own separate post on Wednesday but for now, I'd like to explain how #Soundtracking2018 and #Narrating2018 fit into next month's timeline. #Soundtracking2018 this month encompasses 30 songs which … Continue reading Thank You For the Music

Poetry Archive :: The Bigger Picture

Slowly, haiku is becoming a different tool to work with. It is no longer a set of random, perfect moments, but is evolving into something considerably more interesting. I've got a neophyte idea for a set of images and poems after we're done with Symphony, which is likely to be a testing ground for my … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: The Bigger Picture

Poetry Archive :: May We Know Them

A year ago, I would have laughed at the value of affirmation. Now comes an understanding that such repetition has a significance beyond what was initially obvious to a brain that would tend to shut itself in and avoid change. Not any more. Affirmations of strength and confidence have improved both my mood and ability … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: May We Know Them

National Poetry Day :: The Spaces Between

This year, for National Poetry Day, we did things a little differently. Most of the rest of the Poetry World [TM] seems to consider Twitter a place to network or advertise. Making art or poetry here is very much not the done thing. Presumably this is because you don't make any money when stuff is … Continue reading National Poetry Day :: The Spaces Between

Poetry Archive :: Last Gasp

Haiku are, at least for me, the means by which progress can be measured. Things are looking pretty good right now. Last Gasp Perhaps the point reached; old degrading: allow peace space within your heart. Ignore constant beat marching time: this future hewn with past’s storm-felled boughs. A fatal, last gasp Summer’s passing: arrivals falling … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Last Gasp