Negotiations and Love Songs

This is #Blogmas, and welcome to a month's worth of posts which are supposed to act as a shop window for the site and my content. All the images you'll see this month are pulled, in roughly historical order, from the archives of various websites, pages and social media forum in which I have existed, … Continue reading Negotiations and Love Songs

Wondrous Stories

This site is still not nearly as 'done' as I would like, and as a result, for the next few days, lots of stuff's gonna get poked and prodded. That will include adding pages for the two new ideas I decided to throw into the mix at the 11th hour on New Year's Eve, and … Continue reading Wondrous Stories

Book of the Month :: Understanding Wyndham

John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris spent a lot of his life trying to decide which of his many monikers he felt most comfortable writing under. We will this month be looking at works only under the first two: however at some point every one was used to sell fiction. The desire to switch identities … Continue reading Book of the Month :: Understanding Wyndham

Kill Me

The past is often a difficult place to return to, especially if you've done a good job of removing a lot of the memories from certain periods of time. I have school pictures, sure, and old physical copies of stuff I took in my early years of experimenting with film cameras. These memories have helped … Continue reading Kill Me

Out of Touch

When I started this little adjunct to the Internet of Words journey, I'd not expected the reaction it garnered. People being genuinely interested in my backstory, is, I'll grant you, something of a surprise. Having grasped the level of interest, I've gone back into my history to start putting together an actual chronology of what … Continue reading Out of Touch