Write Now :: The Book of Shame

I don't know how other writers deal with rejection, except that it is something that anyone who writes will encounter the moment they throw themselves into competition. It is the inevitable consequence of attempting to be noticed, belief that one is only worthy when a total stranger decides your writing deserving of a wider audience. … Continue reading Write Now :: The Book of Shame

Something Changed

It might not look that way, but this week is the best things have been for quite some time. The catch-up game today isn't because there wasn't anything to write about, or that I've run out of content: the truth is quite the opposite. A surfeit of organisation and planning collided with unavoidable real-life requirements, … Continue reading Something Changed

GSME #17 :: What’s my Name Again?

Before we begin the regular weekly dissection of my engagement numbers, I feel duty bound to point out two things: you'll see this post posted Tuesday, but the following tweets are dated Wednesday. That's scheduling, folks, and why you should always check the HTML/headers of your webpages to ensure they're not lying to you. The … Continue reading GSME #17 :: What’s my Name Again?

GSME #12 :: Everybody’s Changing

It's been a few weeks away from the Experiment, what with operations and the like, but I've not forgotten the task in hand... except some rather important things have changed since the last time we looked at stats. They are nothing to do with me, and everything around how Twitter itself does business, and they … Continue reading GSME #12 :: Everybody’s Changing

GSME #11 :: Personal Jesus

I should apologise for being a couple of days late with the Guide, but as history can show this as being Monday when it is in fact Wednesday, I doubt there's too much of a fuss to be caused anyway. Health issues have inevitably derailed my progress, but they're also a powerful means of driving … Continue reading GSME #11 :: Personal Jesus

GSME #9 :: Talk to Me

This week, it must be said, has the potential to be a game-changer. My numbers are down overall for the week, which is due to one thing alone: I didn't do the work. Instead there's been a phenomenal amount of back end work, which will continue I fancy for the next four weeks, as I … Continue reading GSME #9 :: Talk to Me