The Day Before You Came

Yesterday was, without doubt, one of the most difficult days I've ever had as an adult. 'Yeah yeah, it's all hyperbole,' I hear you mutter BUT THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG. It was apparent, going into this year, there would be points where everything could topple, but what wasn't expected was the opposite to take … Continue reading The Day Before You Came

Occupy Your Mind

Next Thursday is Time to Change Day where, for 24 hours, I can happily remind people that having a mental health issue is no longer the stigma it once was. There are days when I feel this isn't the case, however, especially on Social media: that advocating tolerance and understanding is sometimes a tough ask. … Continue reading Occupy Your Mind

Somewhere in Between

Go to sleep little Earth...I have mentioned my excitement in various places at being able to see Kate Bush in concert. Well, Friday was the day, and frankly nothing about the evening failed to deliver. It was an evening of considerable revelation. Some of it, all told, I actually found rather uncomfortable. But I don't … Continue reading Somewhere in Between