Poetry Archive :: Released

I find syllable counts a struggle. Numbers have never been easy, for as long as can be remembered: there are undoubtedly haiku archived that don't hit the required 5/7/5 syllables they should. This year there's gonna be a run through and freshen up of most Website content, including a long, hard look at more rigid … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Released

Poetry Archive :: Resolution

RESOLUTION: Write more about how your poetry is written, and schedule WELL before the day its due to be published... Verse three was a problem: I was forced to improvise, covering my brain's inability to function correctly. https://twitter.com/InternetofWords/status/1080053456918978561 Sorry, there are no planes in this micro-poetry. Maybe I should do something about drones in the … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Resolution

Rip It Up

As a wise man once said: break's over. Time to get back to work. On my way back from Blood Donation #6 this morning [four more and I GET A BADGE] the entire plan for January's Short Story got thrown in the furnace. Instead, we have a NEW PLAN and, in even more SHOCK NEWS, … Continue reading Rip It Up

Poetry Archive :: Calm

Done for the year. Poetry output needs a rethink next year. Don't worry, I'm already on it. Thank you for sticking with me ❤ Calm Surrounded, alone, motorway home: metal boxes full, gift-wrapped journey; glad we left early. Calm storms away, inevitable festive holiday; hooray. Exodus movements, firmament’s guiding star, bulging cars: present tense common … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Calm

Poetry Archive : Holy

Mucking about with Christmas Hymns is my new jam. At some point over Christmas, when bored and not editing something important (there's a list on the wall already) I'll go back and give these efforts a do-over. However, as this stands, I'm really proud of it. Holy Moment, silent caress; together, here: holy moments, calm … Continue reading Poetry Archive : Holy

The First Time

Everything you will ever need to know about me exists online. No, really, it does. You'd be surprised just how much personal detail has been exposed via the wonders of the World Wide Web since the 1990's, but to make it easier for you I've put together some notable moments in personal history. The 'Writing as … Continue reading The First Time

Poetry Archive :: Silence

This is an interesting time for my poetry. After a long period of introversion and application, this weekly exercise has become a lot more relaxed and informal than at any point in months and yet is far more honest and reflective. The desire to share my feelings via verse is a lot less traumatic than … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Silence