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Micropoetry :: All is Calm

This week’s poetry marks the start of a concerted effort to archive on a Friday, in future in the morning after the last part of the pieces are published. Once we get to January there will also be the occasional foray into haiku here, but it is increasingly likely they […]

Thanksgiving Poetry

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the interest this poem generated when it was initially published. I’m also wanting more and more to experiment and push with Twitter’s increased character limit. I’ll be taking a week off the poetry next week as a result to try and come up with some […]

Election Day Micropoetry

In the second of my poetry ‘sets’ looking at notable days in November’s calendar, I picked a day that as a follower of American politics has become synonymous with change. This year is not nearly as traumatic as the one that preceded it and allows a measure of considered reflection on how many of us […]

All Saints Day Micropoetry

Things have been quite quiet on the prose front in November, mostly because I’m running a separate Haiku project on my personal Twitter. However, a daily poem remains on the IoW feed, with weekends off now to allow a bit more time for creativity to grow. I found writing every day […]

Scary Nights Micropoetry

We began October with a reminder of what it is that drives most people this month: the event at its end. I’ll be honest, Halloween’s never been a great big deal for me. I am not a huge horror movie fan. Sure, I enjoyed Buffy and Charmed, but that is the extent of […]

National Poetry Day Haiku and Micropoetry

It seems somewhat disingenuous to have produced a week’s worth of poetry for a single day’s celebration, but I decided to use an existing format to advertise a worthy cause. In the end, my efforts were largely lost as individual works, so putting them together as complete entities a week […]

One Day Like This

This year, poetry for me became something more than dusty pages and old blokes in church halls. When terror ripped through the lives of people who never asked for a war, killing the truest, most innocent lives, poetry galvanised an entire Community. One bloke stood up and, for a moment, everybody […]