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Still Alive

My mini break seems a lifetime away, it must be said, after the last week, but I am now almost in a position to feel organised again. As a result, here’s the changed layout to the Website week as a result of the leaves on my Gym walk already beginning […]

Pulp Fiction

Its been a while, my friends, since fiction was spoken about in these parts. It is not like I’ve lost the urge to tell stories, just that life has decided there were other, more pressing matters that needed to be considered first. Now they are out of the way, it […]

The Closing of the Year

I don’t recall being this optimistic at a year end for a very long time. Perhaps it is the understanding that, after many years, death and failure no longer frighten me.¬†What is of greater concern is that I won’t get everything done in the timescales that are available. There needs […]

NaNoWriMo :: Day -1

In which I start preparation for #NaNoWriMo2016…

DEFAULT :: Part Forty-Four

… whilst 007 finally grasps 004’s true significance.

DEFAULT :: Part Forty-Three

Finally, Ronni gives into the inevitable and accepts fate…

DEFAULT :: Part Forty-Two

004’s virtual liaison with 007 begins unexpectedly…