Negotiations and Love Songs

This is #Blogmas, and welcome to a month's worth of posts which are supposed to act as a shop window for the site and my content. All the images you'll see this month are pulled, in roughly historical order, from the archives of various websites, pages and social media forum in which I have existed, … Continue reading Negotiations and Love Songs

Mulder and Scully

The year is 1995. My boyfriend (now husband) and I are living together, and decide to go to the USA for a holiday, to stay with people I'd met via the Internet. The early days of Usenet are an incredibly significant part of my life, that I really don't like to talk about at all. … Continue reading Mulder and Scully

I Saw the Light

I spend a lot of time hanging around artists. It has become something of a cause célèbre for me: however, if there was less time admiring others' work and more time perfecting my own, shit would get done far faster. Right now, however, inspiration is lacking just about everywhere: art provides that fix, vicariously reminding … Continue reading I Saw the Light

Tell Me on a Sunday

Hard Work Pays Off.Yesterday, five years worth of hard work finally gave me something extremely personal that I've craved for a very long time.. What I do as a Blogger was acknowledged as being significant.  The Alpha invite to Warlords isn't my first, but the difference this time was, as the initial wave of invitees … Continue reading Tell Me on a Sunday