Blue Sky Thinking :: Dread

[INT; Alt's Brain. Good and Bad are standing on opposite sides of a very large sinkhole, which has unexpectedly appeared in a vital part of the organisation structure. They stare at each other with uncertainty.] BAD: Nope, this definitely wasn't here yesterday. GOOD: Wonder how much stuff we've lost down there... [From the darkness of the … Continue reading Blue Sky Thinking :: Dread

Paranoid Android

I have a problem with self-promotion. Things have improved over the last couple of years, but the whole 'sell yourself' thing is tough. It isn't just the British reserve either, far more significant worries from beginning to grasp there's been a lifetime of misinterpreting the signals of others in personal situations to assimilate first. Getting … Continue reading Paranoid Android

Electric Dreams

It had been a bit of a struggle to come up with a theme for June's content, until an idea for the Twitter short story presented itself... This week's been a lot about how Online deals with reality and vice versa, and with a cracking idea now in the planning stage, it was time … Continue reading Electric Dreams

Experimental :: White

Bleached out, harsh albescent morning: Bitter wind flattens inner growth As the daffodils falter, Spring ironed from their stems; Crushed hope in winter’s hardened grip. Too much else to think: Mind shatters under pressure drop Let me run away, wrap up Warm and safe from decisions Crushed by inability, no understanding. Washed out, blank consciousness … Continue reading Experimental :: White

Is It Worth It?

Today is a 'ponder your existence' day. I've formed a lot of personal relationships over the years with people who, it must be said, seem to have little or no interest in me. The associations have, for the most part, come about from moments of brief brilliance: a chance meeting in a game, or maybe … Continue reading Is It Worth It?

Poetry Archive :: The Sensual World

I am gonna have a hard time bettering this week's offerings next week, and suspect it could be time for a change in tack on the 'romance' front. Whereas the Haiku is clearly doing the dirty, this set of micropoems decides to be a bit more reflective in its dissection of passion between the sheets. However, … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: The Sensual World

Poetry Archive :: The Slightest Touch

This week, because VALENTINE'S DAY, I decided to throw a little erotica into everything. That means I should probably warn you that these five Haiku are about SEX, there are MAN PARTS involved and it's probably one of the most fun things I've written for a while. There's not enough stuff about adult relations on … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: The Slightest Touch