Poetry Archive: Getting Better

This little set of poems was going to be longer, but I decided to keep it at four lines so I could go and do some more exercise instead. That process is beginning to unlock parts of my subconscious that have lain dormant for quite some time… and I’m beginning to see some really significant and tangible improvements to all parts of my life, not just the writing. As a result I’ll remember this short sequence as the one that began an important journey that’s making me happier than I’ve been in a while.

I’d expect to see more exercise related poetry as a result via Twitter next week.

Getting Better

It isn’t just sickness
At this time of year
Perennial illness
Returning us here.

It’s knowing potential
For moving life on,
Don’t be reverential
Keep up what’s begun.

No need for appeasing
The masses online:
Forget all that pleasing
It’s not worth your time.

Instead why not focus
Making yourself well:
No more hocus pocus
Let them go to Hell.

It’s time to get better
Look only ahead
Become a trend setter,
Put self-doubt to bed.

Poetry Archive :: Poorly Sick

I started writing this on Twelfth Night with a horrible virus thing in throat and ears which has finally slowed to the occasional cough and a bit of a runny nose. This I attribute to a lot of exercise and eating like a horse, but it is just as likely that diminished pile of drugs to my left had an influence. Either way, this seemed a great idea for a week’s worth of Haiku, and it seems to have done the trick.

I’m well again, and you get a week’s work of mini-masterpieces in one hit.

Poorly Sick

There’s no escaping
Temperature rising: not love,
Impending illness.

At the Pharmacy,
Feeling awful: grab the things
Help you feel better.

Go to bed early,
Try not to stress: relaxing
Hot lemon, honey.

Convincing your brain
Tomorrow will be better:
Just relax tonight.

I hate being ill:
Feeling poorly: sick and me
Never get along.


Poetry Archive :: Resolved

The first of 52 Haiku sequences for 2018 begins with the classic dilemma at this time of year: what can I do to make my life better? I’ve never been a great fan of Resolutions, and most of my effort in self-improvement was started well before January 1st. However, this social construct does have merits.

It is easy to forget that what matters more at this time of year is not feeling as if you’re doing something, but that progress is helpful. That means sometimes not listening to what others think matters, but instead focussing on yourself.

[A number of these Haiku have been edited since first posting.]


This is the moment,
Resolve to make these changes;
Your new future, now.

Except, take a breath
Consider: how to evolve
Is this path correct?

Don’t dispose of good
Others don’t like: focus on
True desires within.

Be fair to yourself,
Understand within: soul’s needs
Nurture sense of worth.

The future is yours,
Dictate terms: become better
Existence, resolved.

Poetry Archive :: The Dawning of New Day

I’m kicking off 2018 with a series of poems around the theme of regrowth and regeneration. Yoga has been an important part of my life since I first learnt the basics after the birth of my son, so that’s coming up for eighteen years ago. I’ve returned to the ideas of meditation and inner focus however after my experiences with Mindfulness, and this year there’s a plan forming to combine the two, possibly with a return to a formal class.

As I consider the possibilities available, here’s my thoughts on how the start of the day is my favourite time, and that the sunrise (when I get to see it) has become a very powerful motivator.

The Dawning of New Day

Feet placed firmly, mat warmth
Flows through willing body.
Tiredness slowly transformed,
Sun salutes, not shoddy.
The dawning of new day,
Blows night time fears away.

Sit quietly with green tea
Exhale deep tensions out,
Allow tautness to flee:
Relaxing without doubt.
The dawning of new day,
My favourite place to stay.

Alone I am complete
Distractions disappear:
Night terrors to defeat
Strength grows, direction clear.
The dawning of new day,
Confidence will allay.

Each day positions learnt
Are easier to hold
Effort, calories burnt
Extending limbs, now bold.
The dawning of new day,
Weakness will not betray.

From warrior to tree
The cobra and canoe,
This discipline, you see
Builds certainty that’s true.
The dawning of new day,
Ancient, yogic ballet.