Poetry Archive :: Flower

Needing the means to inspire myself this week, this was my solution.


No longer dormant:
Stand tall, and flower: transform
This sad existence.

Plunge strong roots, deeper
To fuel change: metamorphose
Brilliant, redefined.

The new beginning
Substance of desire: moving
Forward to future.

This does not frighten,
Motivation: push onward,
Fresh bloom emerges.

Under burst of sun,
Egress whole: our happening
Apex of freshness.

Poetry Archive :: Not Any More

This week was about writing the poems, doing the miles and not allowing an injury to overtake everything. It didn’t help I finally succumbed to the cold both my kids have been labouring with on Thursday, but as I’m already on the way to recovery, it’s no biggie. Plus, I’ve done more work in the last week on both bike and legs because left arm is not happy changing gears. Sometimes, it isn’t the issues that you have to deal with that matter, but how you view them as either positives or negatives.

Here are 20 lines based on the Beatles’ song “She’s Leaving Home” with a vital sex change.

Not Any More

The bags are packed, by old front door
An early morning chance to run;
He’s just not taking any more
Escaping from this life’s begun.

Old Beatles song plays in his head
With sexuality transposed:
Main reason why he makes the break
To live in freedom, unopposed.

Family cannot understand
Supposed to be their loving son,
Attempt to tether him with fear
Their line is drawn, arguments done.

A bright new day shines on the path
Direction now he walks alone;
Away from prejudice and spite
Only existence ever known.

To be a lover and a friend,
As partner waits to start anew:
From anger, hatred two men forge
Beginning, brilliant and true.

Poetry Archive :: Not Good Enough

Artists are very good at mentally beating themselves up. It comes, I think as part of the territory. In order to be a success, there’s a measure of self-loathing and that constant niggle, at the back of your head, that maybe you’re just not good enough.

This won’t be the last time we touch on this subject.

Not Good Enough

A disappointment,
Head shakes, sadly: at what point
Did this all break down?

You have failed to grasp
Inherent issue: sometimes
Life is not simple.

The judge and jury,
Sit, pronouncing: this outlook
Hardly sufficient.

Everything I tried,
Effort expended: sadly
Fate remains unchanged.

Understanding now
It doesn’t matter: outcome
Never good enough.

Poetry Archive :: Imperfect

The last week’s been tough, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve found out a lot about myself, and not all of it has been good. In an attempt to learn how to communicate better, a lot of shortcomings have been identified. Yet again, as we go back to the start of a month and a new set of projects, comes the realisation that habit is okay. I’m getting better at organising, but that in turn shows up more imperfections in the planning.

This week’s poetry, therefore, reflects an almost perennial struggle to improve the process, both personal and professional. This poem’s also been slightly edited between first publication and here.


However hard I try,
There is no escaping.
Countless faults and foibles:
Embedded in shaping
The person within,
Find space to begin.

All that is seen, these holes
Counted imperfections:
How conflict forged my soul.
Sadness, recollections;
Move past times I failed
Shortcomings exhaled.

In the darkest of days
It would be so simple:
Ignoring my failings
Those dreadful examples.
Of me at my worst:
Pained, selfish outbursts.

As this new morning dawns
Renewed optimism:
At the journey ahead,
Time for heroism.
Put doubt to one side;
No need now to hide.

Grasping all of the tasks,
With belief as a guide:
It is time to evolve,
Go along for the ride.
Whatever may come
I’ll cope, ‘til it’s done.

Experimental :: Dawn



Smudge of light
Motes tumble, reflected
Early brilliance in slow motion.
Breath of warmth
Dawn’s opening move;
Announcing fresh morning.
Hint of life,
Early pigeon’s call
First visitor arrives, prepared.
These building blocks
Composition new, each day
Construction of what is to come.

Poetry Archive :: Details

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.”

– August Wilson


Deconstructing me,
Pick apart threads: underneath
The depth of being.

Reassessing paths,
Signposts, direction pointing
Towards renaissance.

Rearranging thoughts,
A different view: altered
Attending details.

Disassemble those
Disparate parts: equating,
I am but a sum.

Transformation comes
From knowledge: in my control
All is possible.


Poetry Archive :: Enjoy the View

Normally, I’d offer a pithy insight to this week’s work, but if you’ve been reading my personal blog you’ll know it’s been a tough ask to make it to Sunday. The poetry this week reflects that, and so I’ll simply present it as-is. This work has been edited between being first posted and subsequently archived here.

Enjoy the View

Too often humans will forget the point,
Whilst chasing enlightenment to anoint:
Remove divinity others pursue,
Stop stressing your lives and enjoy the view.

Repeat mantra ‘it’s not all about you’
Reminds inescapable facts so true:
Some might find it easier to blank out,
Improving existence, what life’s about.

Gurus and shysters will try and convince
Diets and cleanses make mind, body wince:
None of these extras is needed to see
Honest direction to head, and be free.

Don’t listen to those who clearly won’t care
Obsessed with image, barely self-aware:
Large corporations that try to deceive
Promising all to faithful who believe.

When all’s said and done, be real with yourself,
Doubts and preconceptions left on the shelf:
Only one concept need remain as true;
Be decent and fair, enjoying the view.