Poetry Archive :: Release Me

Been a VERY long weekend. Have some haiku, and we'll engage brain again tomorrow. Release Me Internal error reboot us; stack overflow, mediate error. Restricted access defence set; data streaming lethal liaison. Fatal feedback loop reality bytes: coding streams, bits colliding. Digital highway strewn; electronic remains lust’s modern release. Me, apps casualty: mode obsolete; updated, … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Release Me

Poetry Archive :: Open Wound

This week, I've discovered that many people can become uncomfortable when dealing with mental illness using poetry. For me, that is all this is, in effect: a process by which I am learning tools to better communicate what exactly goes on within this mind. Those skills will never be honed: for the rest of my … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Open Wound

Poetry Archive :: Real

I have no idea where this guy factors into the equation. The stock image was too good to miss, way his hands support the 'e' and the 'a' and I suppose, on reflection, this was just a graphic I wanted to make with no actual reference to the work. It happens like that sometimes, you … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Real

Poetry Archive :: Rain

Occasionally, I pick a title with supreme confidence, thinking there's a distinct direction for the work to go in. Then when I start writing, everything that was considered and planned for summarily gives me the finger and walks away, leaving brain with a new and (often amazing) alternate direction to travel. This poem is a … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Rain

Poetry Archive :: Removed

Just pretend you didn't see this, we'll mark it down to my diet choices this week, and then we'll say no more about it, okay? Removed Pineapple sunset; heart, wrenched asunder: sweetly screams without closure. Holiday romance, exposed deceit: passion mush fruit, pointless labour. Shy, downward glances exploited: coconut rum arbiter to fate. Mango’s bitter … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Removed

Poetry Archive :: Rebel

I'm quite pleased with this, on two levels: it starts as non-rhyme and then has it's own moment of rebellion. I *think* this is tribachal verse (if I've understood the metrical feet thing, if I've not some explanation would be fabulous) but even if I have failed to grasp the concept, three syllables a line … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Rebel

Poetry Archive: Relieved

I have to be careful at present, evangelising how much better my life has become when I'm not in a computer game or losing myself on Social media, because for so many people this is their life. All things in moderation is a good mantra, when all is said and done. Trying to get others … Continue reading Poetry Archive: Relieved