To kick-start my Internet Month, it seemed like a good idea to start asking questions of the place in which we all live. I'll be honest, it has begun better than could possibly have been expected. https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/1003728652163481600 Reading my feed today, someone made the comment that generalising about the bad in people seems to have … Continue reading Why

The Fix

Yesterday, after someone popped up on my  Twitter feed that I had blocked, I went on a bit of an impromptu exploration of my account. What I found made me stop and think about how Twitter has changed in the last few years, and that those of use using the platform for promotion purposes need … Continue reading The Fix

I Think We’re Alone Now

Last week I got a couple of shocks via Social media. All of them involved people having conversations where it was abundantly apparent they'd forgotten the Internet is public. We've all experienced a moment in our lives when something's been posted on the Internet we wish hadn't. Once upon a time, there were no delete … Continue reading I Think We’re Alone Now

Micropoetry: Mother and Child

I'll freely admit I'm gaining a great deal of satisfaction from these seasonal poems, especially as they're not what many would consider traditional subject matters. Homelessness is a big deal on our streets: poverty should not be an issue in the 21st Century and yet it continues to be so. With 65,000 families homeless for … Continue reading Micropoetry: Mother and Child