Tag: Twitter as a metaphor

GSME #20 :: Did it Again

I have, for some time, lamented the lack of choice that Twitter presents for small businesses. It appears that someone in the company’s hierarchy not only agrees with me, but is working to allow more flexibility for promoting less ‘behemoth’ companies on Social media: Twitter is testing a $99 per […]

GSME #14 :: Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

It is time to get my writing aspirations back on track, and that meant today some serious thought over why I’m here and what’s happening long term with blogging as a future. This morning, a simple objective was publicly set: This week's plan on this account is to try and […]

GSME #13 :: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I’m not going to lie today, I’m pretty hacked off. When you start something as an experiment, one does so with the understanding that the data you’re using is going to be constant and untainted. In the last few weeks, it has been impossible to accurately gauge anything from Twitter’s […]

GSME #11 :: Personal Jesus

I should apologise for being a couple of days late with the Guide, but as history can show this as being Monday when it is in fact Wednesday, I doubt there’s too much of a fuss to be caused anyway. Health issues have inevitably derailed my progress, but they’re also […]

GSME #7 :: The Old Songs

A favour for a friend turns into a perfect example of what Twitter does best…

GSME #6 :: Fade To Grey

Week Seven, and I have a lot to say about using Twitter’s own advertising to sell yourself…