Poetry Archive :: My One and Only

I’d like to take a moment to state, for the record, I am INSANELY proud of this week’s Micropoetry. Firstly, I used the French term arrondissements and rhymed it in a manner that was not only relevant but utterly awesome.


Second of all, I wrote a love letter to my favourite city: it is perfectly acceptable to express love for a place, I am reliably informed, and this is a town I fell in love with at an early age. It is where my husband proposed to me, and where we went for our honeymoon. It’s also where I spent my 50th Birthday, and (if I have the chance) is probably where I’d retire. Mostly, Paris is amazing, and as a result, utterly deserves more poetry to be written about it.

This, I feel, is a pretty decent start.

My One and Only

Will never fail to understand
Always willing to take my hand
My one and only soothes the soul
Returning peace, making heart whole.

Her arrondissements surround
Life weary girl: effect profound
Agreement between life and death
Remaining even when I’ve left.

The Seine will calm inherent fear,
An understanding strong and clear:
From cafe warmth to Tour Eiffel,
Ring Notre Dame’s distinctive bells.

Your sounds will heal the broken parts
Of mind and body, then will start
The reconstruction of belief
Elimination of brief grief.

This city never cheats nor lies
Brings joy with greeting and goodbyes
My one and only, staunch best friend
Paris, beginning without end.

Poetry Archive :: Regret

Valentines Day, for me, is the anniversary of meeting my husband. As that’s more than thirty years ago, you might think I won’t grasp the minutiae of relationship pain, or understand the complexities of love and regret. Think again, fact fans. I fall in and out of love with stuff (sometimes) on an hourly basis. I am fickle and ultimately terrible when it comes to snap judgements. Of course, I’m sensible enough to never show this in the Real World and all the angst conveniently leaks out into fiction and poetry. In this case, quite a lot of regret and hate’s been about in the last week, and it seemed sensible (and convenient) to remove all that angst in literary form.

There’s enough of this to fuel more than a single month’s worth of content, that’s for damn sure.


So many things, close
To beating heart: where do I
Begin our story?

At the start, belief
Honesty placed: your passion
Swallowed soul and mind.

The middle movement,
Soaring, reflective: leading
Onwards to coda.

Then, ending arrives;
Passion departed: becomes
Simply memory.

Regret is our love:
Beautifully broken piece
Of once perfect whole.


Poetry Archive :: Transition (Micropoetry)

I’ve decided, starting next week, I’m going to try and do some longer micropoems for the next three weeks or so. These are tougher asks but are the best way to accurately flex my poetic grey matter. It is also important to be able to have a bit of time to think and redraft them after initially written, which means next week you’ll get the first part of the five slightly later than normally advertised. Real life has been tough at the nd of this week but I’m still determined to keep this creative impetus going.

Come back next week and see if I succeed, but for now… enjoy last week’s efforts.



Transition :: Two

There is no way
Moment gets better;
Stop panicking
Pull it together.

Take a long look
At what needs changing:
Forget the rules,
Try re-arranging.

Remember this
Can still be salvaged;
Fight every fire,
Restricting damage.

Finally, as
The dust has settled:
What’s left to save,
From ideas levelled.

You’ve problem solved
All trouble destroyed;
Disaster ends,
Sent packing, annoyed.

Poetry Archive: Strong

The weekly process of writing on a Sunday has now become part of routine: I’m still getting used to the archiving, it has to be said, but give that a few months and it will become habit too. This is a particuarly prophetic set of haiku, on reflection, and it mirrors a hard week of physical exertion. I have never been a great believer previously in the power of affirmation, but I would be lying if it wasn’t clear that it does have a positive affect on both mind and body.

These verses are my matra not only for the week that has passed, but for those that are to come.


I am preparing,
Mind attuned: expanding, now
Encompassing change.

Extending my hands,
Sense air: circulating warmth
Affecting focus.

In this space, altered
Consciousness: sharp sensations
Help intensify thoughts.

Iterate mantra,
I am strong: this is my path,
Tread with certainty.

Each repetition,
Builds further, deep confidence.
The future is mine.

Moving On Up

As was the case in 2017, every Thursday for the next 52 weeks I will focus on writing plus getting both old and new projects finished and started. It seems an appropriate moment therefore to put up a list of intent for January, that we can revisit in four weeks to see how I did. Also, saying all this stuff  ‘in public’ makes it more likely to happen, as I discovered (rather usefully) last year. Most importantly of all, I GET TO DO A SWANKY GRAPHIC 😀

January Schedule.png


NaNoWriMo Novel (Revision Stage): I’ve reset my Goal tracker to start from today at 9am. We’ll see how much I can get done. I’d like to have it in a workable form by the end of the month and this is not an unrealistic goal.

Dawning of New Day.jpg

Poetry and Haiku for January: This week’s poetry was all produced ahead of publication, a habit I fell out of towards the back end of last year, for various reasons. The plan is to try and have the two scheduled pieces for Twitter written and ‘complete’ well before Friday, and then schedule today the publication of both pieces to this site across the weekend. This then upgrades the site to having content for 365 days a year, which has been my goal since at least the latter part of 2016. It took me this long to get arse in gear, but is totally worth the effort.


February Planning: It’s the Month of Love coming up, with Time to Talk day scheduled for February 1st. This means subject matters will Love Poetry, Erotica, Depression and Self Care. This seems to me a decent combination of bases to cover, all of which I can write about with a measure of confidence. Also, apropos of nothing at all, I’ll have been writing my Warcraft blog for nine years next month. Might have to do summat about that…

So, that’s the plan, except I’ll be honest and admit I will be nipping for a quick kip once I’ve written my blogs for the day. I’m carrying some kind of throat/ear based virus/infection thing and I’d really like to stop it getting any worse than it is, so a brief break to recharge the batteries is in order…


Scary Nights Micropoetry

scary nights.png

We began October with a reminder of what it is that drives most people this month: the event at its end. I’ll be honest, Halloween’s never been a great big deal for me. I am not a huge horror movie fan. Sure, I enjoyed Buffy and Charmed, but that is the extent of my interest in the Supernatural. I’m not sure what I’d do as a costume, either: probably a gaming or film character. Watching people get all excited over spoopy stuff is a largely toothless experience.

However, there’s enough of an understanding to give a poetic backdrop. Enjoy.


As evenings darken
A single cry, hearken:
Welcome time of the year
To spookiness and fear.

Time to buy ripe pumpkins
Stock up on piles of treats
Ready for the children
When they come down your street.

Crisp, sharp chill in the air,
Smell of fresh burning leaves:
It isn’t long now till
Start of All Hallows’ Eve.

Are you ready for scares
To be frightened to death
Then see it’s deception
Laughing in the same breath.

So, prepare yourselves to
Enjoy this Halloween
Time of year where darkness
Is the place to be seen.

Fear :: Haiku and Micropoetry

Haiku is going to become quite important over the next six weeks or so. I’ll be filling everybody this time on the 22nd on what happens to the form in October (THERE’S A PLAN) plus the schedule for National Poetry Day on the 28th. Don’t worry about the Micropoetry, that’s getting its own special treatment for October too. For now, here’s this week’s work, on a subject very close to my heart.


Fear :: Haiku Edition

These are dark times, friend:
We fight fear on every side,
Resist the panic.

Look inside yourself:
Understand what drives a mind
To create issues.

Some is external,
Yes, out of your remit: but
Scope exists for change.

Be prepared to fail:
Going backwards: part of life
To then move forwards.

Fear is your fuel, take
Every chance to consume, then
Beat demons with thought.

Fear :: Micropoetry Edition

I sit alone
My world, oppressed
Time to stand up;
Issues redress.

No longer right
This sanguine stance:
The moment’s come,
Truth to advance.

Consume my fear
Without remorse;
Let confidence
Now run its course.

The future can
Be mine to place
This vital space.

Fearing nothing,
Grasping all:
A chance to rise
After the fall.