This Summer, I am going to push myself into entering a number of awards and trying to get my peculiar talent-set noticed on a wider stage. Despite what some might think, this isn't about building a massive multi-media empire. That's the easy part: what is harder for me is the recognition that a fifty-summat writer … Continue reading Go

Dark City

Ooh hang on, I don't have a March Content header, lemme go fix that... Today is all about the things that stop me doing what needs to be done. Some writers would consider them as 'inner demons' but they have many names: procrastination, fear, Imposter Syndrome... and the list goes on. This week, I can't … Continue reading Dark City

Making Your Mind Up

https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/963464875161849856 The novel editing really started to work when I fixed my writing playlist. The thing is 25 tracks, hour and forty-one minutes of music that is now constructed as an accompaniment to my narrative framework. Having that playing as a constant background has given my mind the opportunity to 'live' in this imagined Universe for a … Continue reading Making Your Mind Up

DEFAULT :: New Fiction

Look up at that cover artwork by my mate @Ammosart, then make sure you're following her on Twitter before we go anywhere else this morning. In the grand tradition of going big or Going Home, we're starting the way things mean to go on here this week. This work of fiction (with its own cover) is … Continue reading DEFAULT :: New Fiction

Writing as Therapy :: Beginnings

I've been trying to write with competence since my teens, and a lot of my issues have centred around an inability to listen to criticism. Once my daughter was born and I had my issues with PND, it became apparent that obstinance and arrogance were not going to help me get better. I would have to open … Continue reading Writing as Therapy :: Beginnings