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Having taken a week off to undergo important surgery, I’m back today to start the countdown to the Internet of Words ‘going public.’ It is genuinely exciting looking at the journey ahead, and in the next week we’ll be giving more details on the tiers and rewards available via Patreon, […]

Book of the Month

It is my intention, before the Internet of Words Patreon launches on June 15th, to give potential backers an opportunity to understand exactly what it is they will be throwing their money at. As a result, it is time to start explaining how this whole shebang is going to work. […]

Things to Make and Do

There’s a To Do list currently for IoW that’s quite long, but for now is not getting any larger. Tomorrow is my first major day for content deployment, but I’m now going to have to fit in both a Physio and Doctor visit to the timetable, so this afternoon is […]

Blogging For Noobs :: Think

This week, we talk about planning ahead and why that makes a huge difference in your early life as a Blogger…

Blogging for Noobs :: I Love You

Writing is about passion. Here’s how to make yours shine through on a Blog…

Blogging For Noobs :: The Masterplan

The Blogging assistance continues with the launch of our 10 Week Guide to how to write werds gud…

GSME #4 :: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

This week the Experiment asks how much promotion is too much, and is paying for exposure worthwhile?