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NaNoWriMo: Day Six

Firstly, apologies for the backdated nature of this post, but scheduling is becoming a bit of a lifeline, both forwards and backwards through my existence. I have, effectively, become a time traveller, which I’ve often thought would be the only means by which everything I wanted to do would get […]

Blogging For Noobs :: Architecture and Morality

Once upon a time, I wrote something about someone in the white heat of extreme anger. This particular person had done something to me which, on reflection, I probably deserved. I’d been neither kind or understanding to them, and in fact I’d taken the piss out of not only how […]

Blogging for Noobs :: I Love You

Writing is about passion. Here’s how to make yours shine through on a Blog…

Blogging for Noobs :: Say My Name

This week’s Guide covers Domains, registration and whether any of that is even worthwhile this early in the equation…

Introduction to Blogging

In my Introduction to #Blogging, there’s just one question to answer: what’s your Blog called?

Moving On Up

Time to make the difficult decisions and work out what gets done for the future…